The Unquestionable Ranking of All Titan Ongoing Series

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New Teen Titans Volume 1 and 2 (1980)

The Titans (1999)

Young Justice (1998)

Teen Titans (2003)

Tiny Titans

Team Titans (1992)

Teen Titans Spotlight (1986)

Outsiders (2003)

Titans (2008)

Titans (2016)

Teen Titans (2014)

Teen Titans (2016)

Teen Titans (1966)

Teen Titans (2011)


Where do the two volumes of Teen Titans Go! rank?

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Somewhere in the a first third and second third of the list, as a “palette cleanser”/change of pace. Or to put it in Monty Python terms “and now for something completely different.”


I haven’t read a single issue of Teen Titans Go, so I can’t rightly rank them.

However, that reminded me of You g Justice Volume 2 (the one based on the animated series) which I have read a decent bit. I’d rank that between Teen Titans (2003) and Tiny Titans.

There’s also Young Justice (2019), but I haven’t read any of that yet. I hope it’s amazing though because I love Tim Drake and I haven’t seen him truly represented except in Tynion’s Tec run.

Anything else I missed?


I’d say all the series are at least okay except for 2011 which was meh on its own and an abomination if you love those characters.

Oh, and there’s Teen Titans (1996), the black sheep since it has almost nothing to do with the other series so much so that I forgot it. I’ve read a few issues, but I probably haven’t read enough to give it a fair ranking.

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I would split Teen Titans (2016-) into two groups. One 2016- and the other 2018- because they are SO different.

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My favs

Teen Titans 2003

Titans Hunt

Tiitans 2016

New Teen Titans Wolfman Perez

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I agree. I put them down as Teen Titans (2011) and Teen Titans (2014). I’ve enjoyed Lobdell on other things, but there wasn’t much to appreciate about his work on Teen Titans. I don’t remember who picked up the (2014) series, but it was much more enjoyable. Still nothing particularly great in my opinion, but perfectly serviceable Teen Titans adventures. To be fair, Lobdell didn’t leave 2014 Teen Titans with a particularly interesting or likable group of characters, so its understandable that the series wasn’t better.


I know a lot of long-term Teen Titans fans love the Titans (2016). I only read the first arc, so I’m in no way trying to pretend I have the perfect understanding of each of these series, but for that initial arc, I just didn’t feel like I was seeing the real Teen Titans. The marketing made it seem like the OGs were back together, but so many of the characters like Donna and Garth felt like completely new characters. I know they tried the whole, “We had a past history we just don’t remember to well,” but it feels like they were just splitting the baby on that one. I didn’t get the intrigue of a whole new group of characters or the solid continuity basis to view them as the old gang back together.

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@Batwatch, Teen Titans (2016) has two different runs which are SUPER different. 2016 (#1-19) and 2018 (#20-) 2016 is with Damian trying to be good and 2018 is Teen Titans meet Suicide Squad.

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Yeah, I actually thought they had relaunched Teen Titans because I remember seeing lots of ads for a new Teen Titans team, but when I went to check when making this list, I realized it was technically a continuation of the earlier run. I haven’t read it yet. I hope to check it out some day.

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Oh, sorry. I see what you are saying now.

For some reason when you said you’d split the 2016 run into two, I was thinking you meant the Teen Titans series in the New 52 era. No idea why my wires got crossed. I was just having a brain fart. Disregard.

How do you like the 2018 version of the Teen Titans? How’s it stack up to the 2016 version?

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The Wolfman Era is honestly overrated. The first few years are painfully wordy and hammy, the initial stretch after the Crisis had glacial pacing, and while I haven’t read far enough to judge for myself, I understand that it went downhill again in the early '90s sometime during or after the original Titans Hunt story arc (Also, is there a reason they’ve used that title on seven billion unrelated stories?).

The stretch from The Judas Contract to when George Perez left the book is good, and I’ve been enjoying some of the stories from around '89 and '90, but more issues have felt like a slog than have been enjoyable, and even the good parts I wouldn’t rate as good as the first half of '99 Titans.

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I question this ranking. Thank you, that’s all.

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New Teen Titans (1980 , and 1984 up through 9)
Problems-- seems to blame the teenage girl, psycho or not-- for the statutory rape) Otherwise, arguably one of the best super-hero runs ever)
Teen Titans (1966)
Problems-- Bob Haney’s dialogue. But, man, could he tell a story, cats and kittens!
The Titans (1999)
Problems-- Editorial interference all the way through, causing the last ten issues or so to collapse. But the love of the characters evident in all the writers carries the day.
New Titans (1988 - through maybe 75-- the beginning of Titans Hunt)
Marv Wolfman gets some of that mojo back.
Titans Rebirth (2016 - through Annual #1)
Problems-- at least twice, this book was advertised as going twice a month, and Dan Abnett’s plotting always felt off because it didn’t. So Karen and Mal get shorted by the monthly schedule. But the gang is back together, man!
JLA/Titans The Technis Imperative (1997)
Problems-- too much JLA in what is ultimately a Titans story. But Devin Grayson shows some epic love and understanding of the Titans characters and situations.
Teen Titans (2003 - until Geoff Johns leaves)
Outsiders (2003 - until Infinite Crisis, then becomes more of a Batman and… book)
Young Justice (1997)
Young Justice (2019)
It has more of the spirit of the Titans than the current Titans book.
Teen Titans Rebirth (2016)
The rest of the gang is bang together-- kinda, sorta.
Titans Hunt (2015)
The Titans are back, b!t@hes!
Teen Titans (1984 - 10-49)
Problems? Gifted penciller Eduardo Barreto somehow seems wrong for the Titans. But the overall magic of the characters continues.
Teen Titans Go! (2004)
New Titans (1988 - Total Chaos)
Much better than I remembered it.
Team Titans (1992)
Teen Titans (1996)
Just a really good book, overall.
Teen Titans (1975)
Problems? Kinda… stupid… in… some ways… but still often loads of fun. But it is the first book to make the Titans a super-hero team first, and less about the surrogate family thing. And that’s a problem, too.
Titans (2016 - Post Rebirth)
It’s a really good book, but the Titans are NOT the junior Justice League. But, hey! Kyle!
Titans (2008)
Surprisingly awkward work from Judd Winnick, and the story lines of other books keep messing it up. Musical artists. But adding Red Arrow to the (formally New Teen) Titans team is worth the price of admission.
New Titans (1988 - between Titans’ Hunt and Total Chaos)
Too many crossovers stretch the Hunt out for seeming years, and musical editors begins–)
New Titans (1988 - After Total Chaos, through 115, and Post Zero Hour)
Musical editors becomes a nightmare-- musical artists, too, it seems like Marv Wolfman is trying, but it all winds up being a choppy nightmare.)
Teen Titans (2003 - the rest of the run)
Some times a good book, and sometimes a great one-- it loses a little of that Titans’ spirit.
Red Hood and The Outlaws (2011 - New 52)
Okay, the first issue is off-- and James Tynion, who one might expect to improve the book, really doesn’t-- but this really is more of a Titans book than the Teen Titans book at the time. And who the &&(& is Dustin?
Teen Titans (2014)
Such a vast improvement over the previous, new 52 book.
Justice League (2006 - Brightest Day - #53)
Seriously, count the Titans! The stories are just fine, but either James Robinson lost all ability to write women, or the editorial direction on the female characters was awful. or both.)
Teen Titans (2016 - post No Justice)
I like the new characters, mostly, and though I hated the Special, the book has been okay, but this has nothing of the spirit of the Titans in it at all.
Deathstroke - Rebirth (2016 - 21- annual 1 Defiance)
Tough call putting this on here, but Priest’s work is top notch.
Teen Titans Spotlight
Taken as individual issues, its okay, but the idea was story arcs, not one shots.
Titans/ Young Justice: Graduation Day
Resulted in two much better series.
Teen Titans (2011 - New 52)
Worst of the worst. Only readable as a Red Robin Book. Maybe a Red Robin and Bunker book. Didn’t hate Superboy. But the changes made to Wonder Girl and Soltice are horrifying, the Bar’Tor storyline is a nightmare-- it might be okay if it weren’t a rewrite of Impulse, but it is… the Raven story line is not good, either. I’ll stop now.

Not counted? Only solo books, and Titans: Villains for Hire.

Did I miss anything?

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