The TRUE Justice League

So, just for a talking point, I think this is the TRUE Justice League and I dunno, but maybe you’ll agree.

Christopher Reeve AKA Superman.
Kevin Conroy AKA Batman.
Lynda Carter AKA Wonder Woman.
Grant Gustin AKA the Flash.
Phil LaMarr AKA Green Lantern.
David Harewood AKA Martian Manhunter.
Jason Momoa AKA Aquaman.
Maria Canals-Barrera AKA Hawkwoman.


I like your lineup. I noticed they are a mix of television, movies, and even voice actors.
RIP Kevin Conroy. But if there is one thing I would nitpick and it’s not because it’s a bad choice but rather I have a opposing opinion that I thought would be interesting to share.

I think David Harewood is a great Martian Manhunter. He really understands the character well. This description he thought of why modern-day Martian Manhunter choice to define himself as black man is one of my favorite interpretations of his character.

“Here is a character that chooses to be black,” Harewood said. “He’s a shapeshifter, he could be anybody, but he chooses to be black. And I think he chooses to be black, particularly in this day and age, because he understands injustice, he knows what injustice is about and as one of the most powerful people on the planet chooses to stand with those who are fighting injustice.”

“That’s what’s been wonderful for me to embody this person that could be anybody but chooses this skin and is proud to be wearing this skin,”

Love it. However when it comes to who is the definitive Martian Manhunter. it’s got to be Carl Lumbly. He voiced Martian Manhunter in both animated series Justice league and Justice league unlimited. His performance captures the modern day character perfectly. He’s wise and stotic but he also carries his dry wit and emotional side of being the last martian.

He’s more or less is responsible for most adaptations of Martian Manhunter being coded as a black man. His performance defined the character for a lot of people and it’s in part why he is one of my favorite characters of all time.

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Short answer to your long thing: I agree.

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The best Barry Allen is Leonardo DiCaprio.


I didn’t even know he played Barry.

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Carl Lumbly- J’onn.

Josh Keaton- Green Lantern

Michael Rosenbaum- Flash

Danny Dark- Superman.

Other than them I agree.





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All Kevin Conroy had to do was lift some weights and boom he coulda easily been on screen as Batman/Bruce Wayne.

so, id say strike Hawkwoman off the JL list, and put in Cyborg the dude who played him in the Snyder version.

An look, if Michael Keaton can reprise the role of Batman, I think Lynda Carter any day of the week, can play Wonder Woman. She just has to do the twirl. Give her a modern looking warrior suit instead of a skirt.

an i mean why not, If meathead can play Batman. An Miller Lite can do Flash.

but the original line up, the OP has I would still love, I would want though a Hall of Justice as seen in the comics with an open to the public front but secret members area else where. An no X-Men Basketball court that opens up to have some kinda fancy jet pop out.

Which i think in the comics the H.O.J was just a front for the League to transport to the space station ?

a H.O.J, that doesn’t. Does pose a problem for those who cant fly, or have super speed. Would Batman just show up in the Batmobile with a special parking area? Would everyone else who has to drive have to have a special basement parking area that is accessed like a mile away at an unknown location ?

An how lame would it be, to be Oliver Queen, or anyone else with just a normal car and having to park near or next to the Batmobile?

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Nope. It is sometimes the main meeting place, sometimes, a key additional meeting place, sometimes a public relations meeting place, and sometimes an important meeting place and museum.

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Still the best Batman. The Arrowverse can’t ruin that.

*Deep breath. *

Cyborg is rarely a main member of the Justice League. The only reason he was swapped out with Martian Manhunter was so more people would read the comics. Meanwhile, lord knows how many fans grew up watching the animated shows and saw Hawkgirl as a main member. Hell, I am one of those people.

NO!!! We don’t need another Miller!

Could lead to a funny line where a character like Harley Quinn looks at the reader and says, “Lord, I hope Marvel doesn’t sue our butts.”

You say lame, I say “■■■■■■’ awesome.”

That is how the H.O.J has worked for a while, with the first major attention to that being in Young Justice.

I was thinking of Cyborg in the New 52 JL and he was in a couple of other issues of JL forget which, oh and i meant if Miller Lite can be cast for Flash, then there is no reason why Lynda Carter cant come back, or something of the sort but i agree no more miller lite.


Agreed. She was the best Wonder Woman. I just hope that ear-worm doesn’t come back with her. It’s a great theme, but I JUST got it out of my head.

Hear hear!

That’s what I was talking about. Who are people gonna want to read about: the Martian who’s best moment was an appearance in Sandman, or one of the original Teen Titans who is also a football player, which is a big thing in America.

I think Cyborg makes a good JL member but Martian Manhunter is the better hero and character.

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woah Martian Manhunter VS Cyborg…

Granted Martian Manhunter brings alot to the league.

But he lacks the BOOO YAAAAAH !

I just thought about this too with Martian Manhunter… if Mick Rory and Fire Fly were to team up, they could possibly take down Martian Manhunter. It would take a lot of planning on their part but still.

I don’t know too many super villains who have the ability to straight up take on Cyborg…

Which now that I think about Cyborg, he could in theory , take down a lot of Earth Villains , like Lex Luthor, via their bank accounts and company bank accounts anything a criminal or terrorist nation uses electronically to move money around, control what ever with satellites Cyborg could be like, adios control alt delete.



No, as shown in Trinity War and Forever Evil Lex, Waller, and the rest defend against Cyborg with hidden satelites, paper, and of course blackmail.