The Trouble with TITANS - A Season 1 Review (Video)

I put together a video discussing season 1 of Titans and where I feel it went wrong. Keep in mind that if you really enjoyed the show or disagree with me on any of my complaints that’s perfectly fine. I tried to include things I liked about the show as well to make up for it. (Some minor spoilers in video)

I agree alot with your assessment on season 1. Expounding on you point, for me too much “free reign” of the “f” word and sexual themes (wanting to cut Hawk’s genitals-- really?! c-mon now not necessary!) Beast Boy only changing into a tiger? The color scheme, DIck’s ultra violent behavior, the way Starfire learns (or lack thereof) to speak English (in the comics she kisses Robin) and I could go on. This is definitely not the Titans I know, the one that Marv Wolfman / George Perez received numerous praise for and the on that I accept the most!

My main issues with the show were that the “mature” elements felt extremely forced, and the overall vibe to me wandered too far into edge lord territory. I also didn’t feel like I was watching a show about the Titans, the characters felt totally new, just with the same names (I’m looking at you Trigon, Mr. Charisma in a Business Suit). I heard a lot of people saying it was inspired by Marv Wolfman’s run, but that definitely didn’t translate for me.
BUT the show definitely did its job; it kept me entertained and I looked forward to it every week. It was absolutely my guilty pleasure LOL. Sure it had its issues, but I really can’t rag too hard on a show that had me coming back every week!