The Titans Bruce Wayne, thoughts?

Honestly I despise the version of “Batman” in Titans, he literally makese sick to my stomach. This guy feels like a complete fraud, that would rather have tea and krumpets at night while smoking a cigar, instead of…well, being freaking Batman. He’s all cool as a cucumber, completely carefree, and would probably have a panic attack is Bane or any other rivals were mentioned.

In a nutshell, this is a paper cut man, who’s never seen action, and is am insult to the caped crusader. You did get your ass kicked by your own apprentice, in your own cave, illusion or not. Go away and please, please never appear again. Same for the rest of the JL, I’d rather have the comics version of them than the Spayed and Neutered live action fakes that we’re being served off the big screen.


I got a tad off track, but the other thing about Bruce Wayne and all the characters are the age differences. Bruce is what, late 50’s early 60’s if I had to guess? Making Alfred in his 80’s-90’s or so. If we rewind Bruce back 20 years, to his prime, before even say zero year, Dick would have been a baby. So that whole timeline is the other thing grating on me here.

I keep waiting for Bruce to say khaleesi in titans lol

Bruce’s impersonation of Alfred in last week’s episode was easily the most convincing thing he’s done all season and just reinforced the fact that Glen should be playing Alfred instead

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