The Timeline of Prime Earth Rebirth when comparing Batman vol. 3 #103 vs Aquaman vol. 8 #65

ok first a bit of background that some casual or new fans may not know historically batman was not reset after the crisis on infinite earths event in the mid-1980’s so Batman has only had 3 volumes compared to every other DC hero’s book on the market today.
I think all the bat books actually take place up to a year in the future of dc Given the events vol 3 has Batman in several coma’s combined with injuries that even The Big Bad Bat can’t ignore or adapt to as he had his back broken twice, and the leg wound Slade gives him would affect his legs strength for some time after it heals. so he spent a significant time just recovering from the injuries between books 74-77. not to mention his jury duty and the lost time between Catwoman’s return to Gotham in Catwoman’s 80th anniversary addition and city of bane. so i feel this supports that batman is taking place during a time after these events. in the same year as other titles because well batman would have been in a coma or healing.

However, I would wonder what those who fallow more than bat books think about this idea.