The Timeline of Catwoman (2018) Batman Rebirth #78 aka A Post to Complain About Said Timeline

i have yet to read batman number 94 but I am caught up with Catwoman’s books right now, It seems bat cat is still together after batman 78, and let’s face it we batcat shippers would be very displeased if they broke up again so I dought they will break them out any time soon. I get the entire massive thing with the City of Bane had batman out of action for long periods of time with his back being broken…again, and what happened in batman 77 and him rebuilding Gotham…again. So I get that Catwoman has a good deal of time to be solo well being back with Bats in his book and will have a lot of time before she needs to be in France to pull bats out of the snow.

However, am I the only one who wishes they would just tell us what cats read in Bats file on her and how the heck she knew to be in France to save bats already. I get the feeling we are going to be waiting a long time to find these answers and it’s going to drive me nuts. Am I the only one here who is being driven nuts by not having these answers? Now I have bang your head / mental health stuck in my head.