The Ticking Timebomb of Arkham Tower

You don’t have to be crazy to live in Gotham, but it helps.

“Shadows of the Bat” is a twelve-part weekly storyline running in Detective Comics , which focuses on the rebirth of Arkham. For those who haven’t been paying attention, the infamous asylum was destroyed in Infinite Frontier #0 , but instead of simply rebuilding Arkham, the mysterious Dr. Wear proposes a completely new version of the facility, throwing out everything that came before.

The new facility is called Arkham Tower, and this time it’s located at the heart of the city. Wear promises better conditions for the patients, and more effective treatment thanks to the talented Dr. Ocean. Wear’s idea is great in theory, since nobody has ever raved about the effectiveness of Arkham Asylum. And how many times have you heard someone joke about Arkham’s security problems?

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