The Teen Titans Thread

Trust me, I’m WELL AWARE of the looks Lilith is giving PG over in that book

Also, it’s weird there isn’t any Aquaman book right now


nah aquaman doesnt sell as well as everyone else
it makes sense why there isnt a book but its a shame there isnt


That reminds me, I should get to the Rebirth Aquaman book sometime soon

But first, Titans!


After checking out Raven I decided to read this

It’s a little odd that Beast Boy never had a solo book in the main DCU. He’s been a part of two teams and he usually sticks to those two groups, more often with the TT. But this young adult graphic novel shows he is very capable of supporting his own solo stories

I understand his need to wanting to be a part of the cool kids and wanting to change into a better version of who you are. But he’s also smart enough to know he doesn’t think he’ll ever be like them, it’s more of a desire of finally being recognized and accepted by a larger group. Thankfully, Gar is smart enough to know when to finally back off and focus on more important things in his life. And we never got that “third act break up” between him and his real friends, which is good.

Also, Gar is a fan of the Swamp Thing comics which exist in his world, and I could not be more proud of him because of that. It does make me wonder which heroes do and do not exist in this continuity, but whatever.

The art is similarily beautiful to the Raven book, but BB’s book incorporates more color, which makes sense.

Anyway, this was a great read, strong rec!


I like Miss Martian’s look in the Rebirth Titans book. And if I’m not mistaken, this is her first formal introduction post-Flashpoint


wiki says you are correct
unless you count a picture on a computer screen as formal


also i love this character and she deserves more


Didn’t she briefly appear in a back-up story in a recent Action Comic issue?


yes but it was not very good
the author didnt seem to know how to write superboy or ma kent
although the writing for miss martian was alright


only thing it really did was put miss martian and superboy into a relationship but thats kinda debatable because it hasnt been referenced since then (it would be awesome to see m’gann in house of brainiac but i doubt it would happen)


i like the messy hair more than the clean look for her to be honest


Finally finished the 5th & final season of Teen Titans

There were episodes where the season-long threat of the Brotherhood of Evil felt heightened and unique compared to most of the past threats the team faced. And it was cool seeing so many other young heroes come together. The final episode is a weird one to close out the series, but still overall good


I’ve gotten through the Rebirth Titans book, time to share some thoughts

This started off pretty well. It was great seeing these characters back together and being a team as older heroes. Looking back on this period, it’s weird seeing the book handle the explanation of Wally’s return. They ultimately claimed it was Kadabra who was responsible, but it was clear they put in just enough hints to indicate he was being used in some way by Doctor Manhattan. What’s weirder though is that Wally himself didn’t play a role in Doomsday Clock. He was mentioned when Manhattan was explaining certain events, but you would think that the character that Manhattan forced out of the DCU completely would play a larger role in the sequel to Watchmen. But that’s a completely different tangent, let’s focus back on this book.

As I mentioned, this series started off strong and was fun. But the first issue happened in an annual with an appearance by the Justice League, and the way most of them treated the Titans left a sour taste. It even messed up Donna who found out her past was made up of fake implanted memories (thankfully, Tom Taylor restored Donna’s true origin recently). For the next little while after that, things seemed to be overall fine, despite a few minor annoyances. Then suddenly, the Justice League comes in and decides to force the Titans to shut down. There is SO MUCH about this that makes no sense and frustrates me.

But now, time to discuss the book following the events of No Justice

Nightwing has a new team. He has Donna, Raven, Beast Boy, Natasha Irons AKA Steel & Miss Martian (making this her first formal introduction post-Flashpoint). But the writing for this book felt…by the numbers and passionless. Choices were made that should have be handled differently and some of the characters just felt off. I like this line-up, don’t get me wrong. But a lot of the choices felt weird, especially making the Titans an official part of the Justice League. That just feels wrong somehow to the idea behind the Teen Titans/Titans.

I can’t say this entire series was bad. Overall, I would say it’s decent. But I still prefer the Rebirth Teen Titans book. That said, I’m glad I did get around to reading this


during rebirth they kinda had every team connected with the justice league
pretty sure young justice even became a branch of it when that team returned


Still feels weird.

Well, this era is complete! Time for me to catapault back to the 90s for some TT action


it was weird
like why was every team part of the justice league yet none of them considered members of the JL


Agree so agree. Wally West should have played a larger role in Doomsday Clock because it feels like both would intrinsically linked.
Wally and Manhattan are marooned outside of time, Manhattan is responsible for Wally losing his family yet Wally is still a hero despite his tragedy is a good conflict against the cynicism Manhattan brought to the DC universe. It would be a killer story! Plus another Flash saving the multiverse just sounds right.

Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, so dumb.

DC has this weird obsession with the prestige of Wonder-woman mythos. My theory is that a group of editors want to keep the appearance of her specialty and importance by dubbing down the other Wonder-woman characters. Like Donna can’t be her adopted sister she saved from a fire, she has to be a golem and Cassie has to be Zeus granddaughter and not his actual daughter because Wonder-woman can’t have sisters, but tons of new brothers??? Fortunately Yara is safe from this stupidity, for now at least.

All true. One of Rebirth strongest titles and suddenly it stopped. It was decent if a bit simplistic title after the relaunch, but those 1-3 volumes were amazing.


i simply liked it because of wally west but then later liked it because m’gann is in it
shes amazing
but i’ll shush


I’ve now gone back to do some reading from the 90s (cut to the Linkara bit of the 90s kid going DUUUUUUUUUUDE!)

Reading through the Dan Jurgens book, which lasted a couple of years. Honestly, it’s kinda decent so far despite some things I’ve heard. Argent is my favorite so far. But honey, you do NOT want to be a part odfDick’s complicated love life

The rest of the crew is cool too. They even sing together!

Hey! I live in Minneapolis!


She’s alright and she’s definitely got my favorite design from her yet. However I am disappointed it’s still surface level development. Outside of her still being a white Martian posing as a green Martian. We still don’t know much about her backstory that’s not from the Young Justice show.

  • How did Martian Manhunter discover her?

  • Aren’t green Martian and white Martian enemies? How is she his niece?

  • Are they actually related?

  • Why does she have red hair?

  • Why isn’t she bald? :laughing:

I don’t hate her at all @wrrrryyyy12 but I need more to go on if I want to like this character. I’m a huge fan of Martian Manhunter, I would love to be a fan of Miss Martian as well.