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teen titans comics right before flashpoint put them together and now in the current universe they are together


Mannn I was major teen titan fan When I was younger I remember beast boy always having a crush on her until Tara came along lol


It is. :+1:


:star_struck: fantastic imagery here of BBRae.


Fantastic Nightwing live action idea here I found at Deviant Art a few years back.

This should’ve been O’Donnell’s costume for the second Schumacher Batfilm. Just stick with the screenplay’s original title (Batman Triumphant) and everything would’ve worked.


Cyborg: Let me get this straight. You want me to build a time machine so you two can break into Edgar Alan Poe’s home. Which is when Raven starts reading The Raven with BB as a Raven just repeating the word “nevermore” just so you can create a time paradox where he gets the idea for the poem from you two?

Beast Boy: Hell yeah! It’s gonna be one trippy practical joke!

Cyborg: And your good with this?

Raven: I know I should be ashamed by how much I’m into this but it’s all I can think about

Cyborg:…All right, guess I’m building a time machine


Omg this is literally so amazing. I wish he did this more


Reading the Titans (2008) book. Won’t share full thoughts yet, but here are a couple tid bits. Got a scene of BB asking Raven out on a date

And a more serious issue focuses on Starfire talking to a therapist about some internal issues that she’s going through. I thought this issue was pretty good


As mentioned, I decided to check out the 2008 book Titans

It starts off on a rocky note. Some questionable art and the writing for the characters, mainly their dialogue, feels off. It gets a little better as it goes along, but takes on a noticeably more somber tone. Some of it is good character stuff but it loses the little sense of fun it had. And then following the Blackest Night event, we are suddenly focusing on some group that Deathstroke formed that he calls the Titans with no in-series explanation on what happened. You can gather that due to events like Blackest Night and the Rise of Arsenal, the older Titans disbanded. But it’s bizarre the book continued focusing on villains as opposed to simply ending the book.

This is a skip


dude wrote a horrible titans young justice teamup to disband the team and it felt like no character was being written right


I’ve read the 2003 Teen Titans and the 2008 Titans books. I don’t think there is anything left in this era to go over.

Several small orbs of black light zoom right by me. Confused, I turn around and I’m greeted by this…

Ruh-roh! It’s…it’s…the tie-ins to Blackest Night!

Man oh man, this is a somber reminder of how many dead teens there are. WTF DC? Stop killing teens and children! That aside, I enjoyed these issues. Makes sense since I highly enjoy the main event itself. Not flawless, but man I can dig it! In these issues, the TT and the Titans are at the tower celebrating Heroes Day and remembering past members. At one point BB slips away to be by himself, which is when he runs into a familiar face.

Awwww, that’s sweet! But wait…Black Lantern Omen is using her abilities to disguise Terra’s true appearance!

Donna is in her room when she is confronted with the Black Lantern versions of Terry and Robbie. The undead child bites her before she can get away to find Cassie and Bart.

Hawk & Dove (sisters Holly & Dawn Granger respectively) are confronted by the former Hawk Hank as a Black Lantern. Their fight takes a deadly turn when Hank rips out Holly’s heart and now Dove is left to dead with two enemies, doing everything they can to try and get her to give off any emotion before tearing her apart. I’ll admit, Donna being confronted by the dead child she used to care for is a bit meaner, but this still isn’t a good time for Dawn.

All parties join together to fight off against the Black Lantern versions of their former teammates. It’s Donna who tells everyone that these creatures aren’t really their friends and that they must become ruthless…even it means committing horrific acts like crushing the head of her deceased child.

JEEZUS! Thankfully, it’s revealed that Dove is somehow the key to permanently putting down the Black Lanterns. Yeah…I’m not sure what this event’s explanation for that is. Hawk & Dove are connected to the Lords of Order & Chaos, they don’t have anything to do with the Lantern Corps. But hey, at least now they have found a way to help all the other heroes combat the threat!

All said, enjoyable stories that definitely have a dark tone to them.


The best non Wolfman/ Perez Titans?



Sooo adorable. :purple_heart: :00_teen_titans:


Teen Titans Academy

Lasting 12 issues (13 if you include the Yearbook special) this sees the older generation step-in as teachers as they brought in younger metas and aspiring heroes to teach everything they need to know. I’ll admit there is something to this idea, and it taps into the legacy themes that often pop up in DC’s history.

But there is something that is lost in this concept. It’s always interesting to see younger heroes go out on their own and grow through both their accomplishments and failures. While every now and then grtting advice from an older hero. This idea makes it more like X-Men and it just feels off.

And instead of focusing on the students and what they learn, we spend time on other stuff like a confrontation with the Suicide Squad and the threat of Red X. Yes, the character from the 2003 animated show is now in the comics. But to be honest, I’m not a fan of HOW they brought him over.

Everything said, this was…okay. I’ll admit I’m a little sore this ended the Rebirth TT book which I enjoyed. But I don’t necassarily hate TTA. It’s leagues above the 2008 Titans book, I’ll happily grant it that


This was a great issue. Without giving away too many spoilers, this issue does appear to establish that Donna’s original of being saved from a burning building by WW is canon. I’m glad they went back to that original as opposed to the “being made from clay to overthrow Diana” origin from the New 52

Check it out to watch a bada55 Amazon


I finished the rest of the new 52 Teen Titans. Let’s just say, it ain’t a great team. I honestly could niptik the entire two series and maybe I should. However to simplify 63 total issues. I’m gonna base my main issue with the trio of Superboy, Wonder-girl, and Red Robin. I swear their wasn’t a arc where they were either arguing, fighting each other or trying to kill each other and their supposed to be friends?

That being said I really did enjoy some of the newer characters like Bunker and Tanya Spears. Beast Boy was great, but when is he ever not great. If the series was exclusively just about them I think I would enjoy it a lot.


Your critique of that trio always fighting is part of a larger problem that plagued multiple New 52 books. Barely anyone seemed to like or trust each other. It was always mean, aggressive, and eager to fight


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This is low-key amazing. In the finale issue of Teen Titans (2014-2016) #24. Tim Drake needing assistance to look good for his high school reunion needs Bunker help with shopping. Yes it’s totally stereotypical to ask the gay guy for help with stylizing. Bunker thinks so as well. That’s why he totally loves the idea and punks Tim drake with the most outlandish montage in his head while shopping with him.

Yet I think the most important thing to mention here and probably ring up @basicallytimdrake is that Tim wanted to go to a nearby gay pride rally and Bunker mentions how Robin seem to enjoy himself there.

I don’t know if it would have went anywhere, but Bunker calling robin like a prince and quietly mumbled how it was a moment between both of them. I swear that deserves some mentioning here. :wink:


get rid of bernard and replace him with bunker