The Swamp Thing 1 - SPOILER Discussion

Now that The Swamp Thing 1 has simmered in my noggin for a bit I am wondering what everyone else thought of the book. I will admit it was weird to not see Alec Holland as Swamp Thing. However, I am digging the new guy, Levi Kamei. Even more so, I am interested in the mythology of the changing man. Is he a good or bad guy?

There is one scene that was absolutely amazing. Levi was on the airplane and was dreaming of being Swamp Thing, thus the plane explodes in flight with roots surrounding the plane. That was absolutely chilling.

What are your thoughts on this next chapter in the Swamp Thing mythos?


He is a desert who dreamed he was a man. Obviously.

Like all of Ram V’s DC work, this is shaping up to be something very special. I can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

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I will need to look him up on here. I believe Future State: Swamp Thing was the first thing I have read from him. The only problem with that series was that it was only 2 issues long.

He did what he could with the space he was given.

For other Ram V reading, I highly recommend his Catwoman, and Justice League Dark. (Read Tynion’s first though.)

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I have been slowly working my way through JLD starting with New 52 but then I skipped up to Witching Hour because that book was calling my name at the store.