The Superman Thread

Well, the Modern Age Superman Club covered the debut of Superman Blue fairly recently, so you could say I do. :wink:

I always have and always will absolutely love the Blue and Red saga, because its pure fun.

No deconstruction of a character, no reboots/retcons, no grim 'n gritty anything, its just pure superhero fun as only comics do best.

For the full effect of the Blue and Red era, you’ll need to read the Superman Red/Superman Blue and Superman Forever one-shots, which aren’t yet available in digital, but are easy enough to get from back issue bins or eBay.

Red/Blue introduces Red, while Forever is where Clark gets his regular suit and powers back.


so…I have finally made it to the end of the 90’s in the Triangle Era…and Superman books have finally picked up again after what I felt was a lull…I never read this storyline before. Had no idea this story so dated the Injustice franchise. Superman has gone over the edge and is trying to solve all the world’s problems, turning even Lois against him…She just wrote an opinion piece calling him Superman Rex (not in a good way). Intriguing storyline…does a great job showing the dangers of this Superman balanced with the good and inspiration he is causing. Excellent work on displaying the moral conundrum caused by Superman “fixing” the world.


Yeah, I’ve always described the Injustice plot as the 1985-86 Squadron Supreme series with more blood…


What’d we think of this new release for this week:

I haven’t read it yet, but I liked what I saw as I flipped through it, especially the reprint content.


Oh shoot… forgot about this. Thanks for the reminder.

I liked the series this spun out of, but don’t remember a lot of the intricate twists in it. There was a lot going on in that book.


“No prob, Bob.”

Likewise. It was a fun read.

I wouldn’t mind a Perry White mini by Fraction. Or if not that, then another volume of Jimmy Olsen.

Of course, I also want more of Rucka’s Lois Lane.


DC would do well to expand their Superman related offerings. There’s also Steel, Supergirl, Superboy, and… Bibbo!


And Marshmallow Pete. :wink:

I’m looking forward to the new Superboy mini. If it sells well, I’m hoping we’ll see a new volume of Kon’s adventures.

Maybe team him up with Jon in a series titled “Superboys”? It could even cross over with Batgirls.


I picked it up, as well as Black Adam, but I have not read it yet.


Black Adam #1 was good.

Perry’s on-deck while I finish Fables #152.

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I thought the Perry White was going to be better (more Fraction)…I did enjoy the story with Wild Cat!


Check out the ginchy/groovy final cover for Superman: Space Age #1: