The Superman Thread

I LOVE the '90s take on Superman Blue and Red. Its unquestionably some of my all-time fav Triangle Era material, because its just FUN.

The rest of you are missing out. :wink:


Well, actually, what I said was a bit misleading. I actually kind of agree with @Vroom that the lightning Superman stories are kind of fun. Not exactly all-time hits, but generally pretty fun.

It’s the stuff that you probably just finished from 1995-1996 which really, really falls flat for me: The awful Death of Clark Kent story, the year wasted on the “will they, won’t they of Clark and Lois’ engagement,” and that boring, boring wedding story. I basically see that as two years of Superman stories wasted. Next to that, the lightning Superman is good, harmless fun.


Soytainly, nyuk-nyuk-nyuk! :nerd_face:

Shameless Plug Alert™: :point_down:t2:


Yeah…as I expressed in an earlier post, the roller coaster relationship up till the wedding could have been iconic with a better writer…but it does eventually fall flat and seem unnecessarily rushed at the end…too bad…


I went digging through my shelves and picked out Camelot Falls Vol. 2: The Weight of the World. I am on a mission of collecting the old Sueprman TPBs from the 90s to 00s. A huge incentive was Rucka Superman and Busiek Superman.

Anyway, I have just started the second part of Camelot Falls and so far it is enjoyable. The artwork is what I have come to expect from the era, which is always a good thing and Busiek is at his wordy greatness.

I have finished Camelot Falls Vol. 2 and it was enjoyable. Something should be said about Superman doubting himself. The inner turmoil he faces which quickly becomes outer turmoil is an interesting concept. Sure, Arion is the bad guy and whatever but at the end of the day, Superman let Arion get to him. The concept that Superman is the bringer of the end and Superman believes that even for a moment created an enemy that is rarely seen in Superman comics, himself. Once again, Busiek has penned another fun Superman story that had me turning pages later than expected.


Thanks…never read it. I will look it up!


Wading through the end of the 90’s…Superman and his new powers…it has been…passable. Nothing to write home about. BUT, I am digging Ashbury Armstrong and Scorn. I am hoping they will stick around…but guessing they won’t. I will enjoy them while I have them.


At the height of my anti-Post-Crisis Superman era, someone recommended Camelot Falls to me to try and change my mind. I bought it all on Comixology a read through it. Overall, good story. Busiek is great, but he still had Superman doing the “but I’m really just like everyone else” gimmick that I hate…


Busiek’s Superman. :hugs:

Its the equivalent of a warm, comfy blanket that you never want to pull away, and once you have, you can’t wait to get back to it and pull it back onto yourself.

Definitely a run that deserved more acclaim as it came out (I talked it up to everyone I could at the time, so I did my part :wink:), and one that absolutely deserves more acclaim now.

I just might do a re-read of Camelot Falls :notes: “in the not-too-distant future” :notes:, as I haven’t read it since its original release.

Thanks for the inspiration!


I have just devoured Superman By Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason Omnibus. This was my first time reading this series and I absolutely loved it. I have recently read the first TPB for Action Comics in the Rebirth Era and that was a good intro but Superman went above my expectations.

If I had to be nitpicky, I wish there was more Lois and she was a force to be reckoned with. I mean, she held her own with Female Furies.

In one of the stories Family Kent ends up in The Fifth Dimension and there was yet another blue and red Superman story! Granted his suit didn’t change… too drastically but Clark and Lois were reverting back to “Deja New-52”, to quote Mr. Mxyzptlk.

I do wish there was a volume 2 omnibus but that wasn’t meant to be. I guess Bendis is next up but I still have some books on the shelf that I need to read, one of those being Bendis’ Man of Steel.

I should also mention this was my first experience reading Super Sons. I was hoping this would be my chance to get on the Damian bandwagon but all of the things that I found to be annoying with him were on full display.


Have fun!! Let us know what you think of the Bendis run…just finished them myself (posted my views about it about two months ago)…He does have a unique view (not bad) of Lois’ character that I enjoyed. Rebirth was the run that got me hooked on Superman…never gave him a thought until then, now I can’t get enough…!


Wow, first time, huh? That’s neat.

I absolutely love the Rebirth run of Superman as well. It was (and still is) by far my #1 favorite title of the Rebirth era (both in terms of the books that bore the Rebirth branding, as well as the overall era itself), and not just for the Superman line, but for the entire period.

So, let’s talk new Superman comics!

New to retail this week:

B cover by Roger Cruz and Norm Rapmund

C/Pride Month cover by David Talaski

D cover by Mario Foccillo (1:25)

I like the D cover the most, but given its limited ratio, I’ll be picking up the A cover.


Am I an awful person for thinking Jon and Jay need to break up? I don’t mind that Jon is dating a guy…and Jay is an interesting character. It’s just that it all happened so fast that I really have no feeling for him or the relationship at all. It is hard to care. They meet and two issues later they are kissing, and its like “look, Jon found the love of his life…isn’t this great??” Taylor has been doing an incredible job with this book. I am loving everything, except this one part…where I am just “meh”.
And let’s face it…Jon is 17 or 18…he is at that age where usually people have a couple of soul shattering break-ups before meeting “the one”…
Absolutely LOVING everything else!!! And I feel bad for not feeling this part…
And as far as this issue goes…There is NO way Lois would have let Jay take this story…lol, she would have knocked him out first to be the one in the Senator’s face.
And I wonder why it doesn’t appear that the JL is dead yet???



It’s just that it all happened so fast that I really have no feeling for him or the relationship at all.

Tom Taylor recently addressed that…

AIPT: Tom, I wanted to ask you about Superman Son of Kal-El, there are so many big beat moments. I think you’ve done more than most writers do in 50 issues, but in hindsight, is there anything you might have changed or done differently?

TT : I’m a writer, you know, there were things that were like, okay, this has to happen by Coming Out Day. And I would’ve loved a little bit longer for Jon and Jay to be together before the kiss. But having said that the importance of that moment far outweighs slight pacing issues, you know? When it makes global news and I’m watching it on SNL or whatever, yes maybe you could have done with maybe 10 more pages, but as far as global, you’re writer’s cap to one side.

We somehow managed to keep people engaged without actually having Jon punch anyone for six issues. I think that’s really important as well. So we have a young bi guy who also is just the sweetest, most empathetic nurturing guy who doesn’t wanna hurt anyone. And I think that’s far more heroic than somebody punching a supervillain in the face.


MCCREERY: Tom, how early in the planning process for Superman: Son of Kal-El did you decide that this was the route you were gonna take Jon?

TAYLOR: Very early like in, in the pitch. So oh, I think just after the pitch, I had the pitch. And I had this thing that I wanted to discuss. And I was like, I will tell you that in the past, like, I’ve been working in comics for 12-13 years now. And in the past, I’ve had queer characters erased or denied, or the literally changed on the way to the printer. Not with the current people, of course, but so it was one of those things that I was, like, do a do I pitch this? Or is it gonna get kicked back? And it was actually my editor at the time, Jamie Rich from Superman who said, “Tom, there’s been this idea floating around at DC” and I’m like, “Oh, yay.” So it was like, we had it together. And there was so much will at DC to make this happen. But no I didn’t have to sell it. It was fantastic. So from the pitch we had, there was a bit of the idea that we definitely wanted it for Coming Out Day. So it had to happen a little bit quicker than we were originally planning, but you know, I couldn’t be happier with how it went down and the response globally to that moment.

I thought it was fine, but I can understand people wanting more time; including the writer himself. :smiling_face:


Thanks for that! I realize the importance of what he was doing…I guess time does equal connection to a character. I hope Taylor stays on this book for a long time!


Man…I just read Up In The Sky by King… I literally had tears…what a story!
I am going to have a hard time finishing up the Triangle Era after that…


Random question, let’s say there is a volume 3 of Adventures of Superman. How would they do the legacy numbering? Would they count the digital chapters or the physical books that compiled the digital chapters?


I think they’d omit the Digital First series, since the DF titles typically don’t tie into the core DC imprint, and carry on with the numbering from where Superman v1 left off, pre-New 52 (#714).


This sounds pretty darn swell:


the end of this arc is near

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