The Superman Thread

Superman did appear on the greatest live action comedy ever.


I love this shot from My Best Buddy: Unbound.


new superman issue soon forgot what day it drops but i think either the 19th or 26th


does anyone know phillip kennedy johnson’s favorite superman villain is ?
im unfamiliar with his work because i started action comics specifically at 1051


It is random thug #42.


It’s the 19th (aka tomorrow).

Not exactly, but he said the following in this CBR interview: “Metallo has always been one of my favorite Superman villains ever. I wanted to see and use a more complicated version of Metallo than what we’re used to seeing. He’s extremely cool looking, like the Terminator with the kryptonite chest, and the look of his flesh coming off is so incredible and haunting. We don’t always know why he’s doing what he’s doing or what makes him who he is, and I wanted to see more of what complicates him as a character. Like we did with Mongol in War World , I wanted to really pick Metallo apart, see who he is underneath, and give the fans a villain they can care about.”


he already used him so thats not what i was hoping to see

i saw a interview with him saying that fans of his work will like a upcoming villain but the art used in the interview was from knight terrors
so its gotta be after the events of the previous action comics issues


i hope mr mxyzptlk get used again is all so i was hoping maybe hes a fan of him


Superman comes out on the third Tuesday of each month, so #6 is out today. :partying_face:

What my little winged friend said :point_up:t2: and for added emphasis.


The new superman cartoon is not bad.


Happy Cake Day @Aquamon!


Thank you so much Bar, I hope you have been well. I wish I could have gone to the superman thing this summer, I hope you had a great time and had room for all your goodies for the return trip home. Bar, could you please check out the microscope I had told you about. The videos are very bad and I was nervous but there is more info on the discord. I have tried to get up with my old professor Dr. Ken Riley from NOAA but I worry my emails keep getting drowned out. I could very much use help from others in the scientific community please.Journal post


It was a blast! I met so many amazing folks! Actually one of them is here today on a cruise ship! :stuck_out_tongue:

I will definitely take a look! My guess is your old professor is super busy. It seems like NOAA is chronically understaffed and over worked. Don’t give up on him, but it’s a good idea to look for others to help!


That’s awesome I hope to attend next year. Be safe on the ship and thank you for willing to check it out I really appreciate it. :hugs:


After two months off, Superman is back! :partying_face:

Superman v6 #6

Regular cover, by Jamal Campbell:


Lee Bermejo

Tiago Da Silva

The Resplendent @DC89 claims Mercy Graves as seen above stole her look and I have to say…I’m inclined to believe her.

She also stole my glasses.

Bad Mercy, bad!

Rose Besch

Mikel Janin

Alex Saviuk (1:25)

Gleb Melnikov (1:50)

DC’s best ongoing also returns this week and for its usual third Tuesday of every month bow:

Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #19

Regular cover, by Dan Mora:


Tony Daniel

Dan Mora

Alexander Lozano (1:25)

Helene Lenoble (1:50)

The latest collection from DC’s best ongoing also debuts this week:

:boom: New DCUI Ultra reads for the week of 9/19/23: :boom:

:books: New DCUI reads for this week: :books:

Whether its new to retail and/or DCUI, which of this week’s new :superman:uper-reads are you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: soaring with excitement to read?


This one’s pretty close to me, glasses and all. :smiley: :+1:


So, what, you stole my glasses and gave them to Mercy?

For shame! :smile:

Not very Resplendent of ya, making me walk around like Mr. Magoo. :stuck_out_tongue:

DC89 has my glasses nearby and says “Over here.”, to which I ram into a wall and say “Oh, excuse me, sir. I didn’t see you there.” as I make my way over.

I kid, I kid. My vision is a smidge blurry without the 'ol specs (I mean duh, otherwise I wouldn’t need them :nerd:), but its nowhere as bad as Mr. Magoo’s.

Query: Do you wear gloves like Mercy, too? Those look pretty snazzy and comfortable, I have to say.

Also: If you walk around with a S-shield marked folder, I bet there’s an interesting story behind that.

Also also: Are you still reading World’s Finest?



I wear glasses too. Have all my life. I just wear contacts more often and when I’m dancing. :+1:


I’ve worn them since…1992 or so. Got 'em sometime during fourth grade.

In fact, when I got to school the morning of my first day of wearing them and got into the line for my class, the kid in front of me (Travis) turned around and said “Whoa!” when he saw my new eyewear.

They’re just glasses, Travis. “No big whoop.”

I suppose its destiny that someone who was always into Superman would wear glasses one day.

“No, its just a coincidence.”

Don’t ruin my dreams, Michael Bolton from Office Space! :smile:

I tried contacts when I was 17 or so.

My mom and I were sitting at the optometrist’s desk and I was working on putting my first one in.

I felt I had it in and then said to the optometrist, “Well, the first one’s in.”

He slid a mirror over to me and upon looking at myself, all I had accomplished was getting the damn thing to rest on my lower left eyelid.

No more contacts for moi! :nerd_face:

So, will I have to get contacts if you’re to teach me to dance?

Please say no. :smile:



Got mine in second grade.

No, but you’re gonna’ need a full water bottle ‘cuz I’m gonna work ya’ through the steps ‘til you

… and then you’re gonna’ work some more.
:wink: :+1: