The Superman Adventures & Batman Adventures are gone!!!

:sob: Why DC, There’s 66 issues in Superman Adventures, and 36 in Batman Adventures… Please tell me they’ll be back soon!

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Looks like a lot of good stuff rotated out.

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Yeah. Batman dropped by about 10 issues over night. Brave and the bold is pretty much all gone.

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Don’t be alarmed, everyone. Over the last few months we heard quite a lot of feedback from all of you including more complete runs, newer titles, better titles, etc. We decided that we wanted to switch up things quite a bit and take another pass at the selection of comics on DC Universe. Unfortunately that meant making quite a few changes all at once. We are still making some tweaks to make sure everything is correct and please continue to highlight in the suggestion box section where you see issues. Going forward, we’ve got a bunch of new additions planned and will be sure to communicate any removals with advance notice.

Thank you all for being with us as we build this universe.


Applejack sorry for freaking out a bit. Whatever you guys have plan I can wait. :penguin::slightly_smiling_face: