The Summer of Events Begins: What's coming to DCU this week

Everything released on May 9th Last year is here! Release 5/13 at 9 PM PST

This Week on DCU:

-The Summer of Events begins! Justice League: No Justice is one of the wildest series you will every read! I refuse to spoil it BUT do think about reading pages not on panel mode! The Source Wall has been broken and now massive threats are coming to destroy the universe. So, Brainiac assembles a team. Sounds fun ri -Wait a second Did you say BRAINIAC?!?!?!?

-The Road to Flash War! Flash #46 is a catcher upper in a sense for new readers and people who have been reading the series for a while. Flash War is nearly upon us and I can’t be more excited!

-The End of One of my Favorite Series. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #22 will be the final issue. This series started slow BUT by the end of the first arc, it found it’s footing and became one of my favorite Rebirth series. For all you Oracle fans, it will be a shame to see that side of Batgirl ending.

-Michael Cray Continues. Wildstorm is a dark series that means a lot to a lot of people. I am not one of them. However Michael Cray Book 2 Begins

New to DCU
Batman: Sins of the Father-Chapter 8
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey#22 <-- End of Series
Bombshells Chapter 38
Detective Comics #980
Eternity Girl #3
Flash #46
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #44
Immortal Men #2
Injustice 2 - Chapter 57
Justice League: No Justice #1
New Super-man and the Justice League of China #23
Red hood and the Outlaws #22
Sideways #4
Suicide Squad #41
Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Chapter 7
Wildstorm Michael Cray #7
Wonder Woman #46

Newly Digitized
America vs. The Justice League #2
Armageddon 2001 #1
DC Presents Flash #1
Deadman #3-4
Detective Comics #367
Dr. Midnite #1

Volumes Starting This Week

Suicide Squad: Constriction (Volume 8)
Suicide Squad #41-44, 47-49

Flash: Flash War (Volume 8)
Flash #46-51
Flash Annual #1 (Already out)

Wonder Woman: Dark Gods (Volume 8)
Wonder Woman #46-50

Justice League: No Justice
Justice League: No Justice #1-4

Finished Volumes
Batgirl and the Birds of Prey Full Circle (Vol. 3)
Batgirl #14-22


  1. Justice: No Justice - This is the entry point to one of the biggest and greatest justice league runs of all time. Even at the #23 mark, I already believe that. It’s THAT good. However, before the main line starts, we get a weekly miniseries which will spin off into 6 different series.

-Justice League
-Justice League: Dark
-Justice League: Odyssey
-Teen Titans
-Detective Comics

If you aren’t convinced yet, it also kicks off DC’s Summer of Events!
Things to Know: Know who all of the characters are There’s a lot. (I might write a who’s who for the series)

  • Flash #46 This is the best entry point you can get before Flash War begins. It’s labeled Road to Flash War so it’s not a minor story.

  • Wonder Woman #46 Is the start of Dark Gods, however, I have no idea if it is a good starting point, because I haven’t read it. (I’ll post in the comments after I know)

And that’s what’s new to DCU.

-Nathan.Payson (Your friendly neighborhood reporter)

P.S. You can share your thoughts on the entirety of DC’s Summer of Events in my Summer of Events Book Club.


Is Dr. Midnite any good? I liked the character in JSA and All-Star Squadron but am not clear how a series in 1999 would work with him. I actually am not sure I knew this existed before now. Is it worth a read?

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No clue.

I heard it was okay.
I think the new version that’s in the mini was the same character that had a few spotlight issues in JSA Classified.

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I really enjoyed the Dr Mid-Night mini. It gives the lowdown on Pieter Cross our modern era Doc and his first adventure.

So this is a question that helps me out a lot. What parts of the post do you care about i.e if no one cares about the volumes finishing, I would reformat it or remove it.


Thx, only a few hours from his!

From now, from now…time for keyboard tweak

Edit coming soon

to DCU! (Nice Assonance)

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I really hope sideways and grifter get a new series in the near future

Sideways ended too soon, but it fell apart and didn’t appease anyone. The people who wanted a team story got a weird dark universe thing and the people who wanted a journey through the dark multiverse didn’t get that for 6 months. I’m in the first boat.

Update: The new comics are already in!

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Also go check out Digitized this week for a more thourough breakdown of the classics added!

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Thanks for the shout, Nathan!

I had just stumbled upon the books being added, too.
I was reading an old JLA issue on the tv and when I finished, I noticed the first block of issues were #1-17, which meant there were three extra comics.
But only two annuals had been released, so I took a look and there was the third one!
Nice surprise. :grinning:

Thanks Nathan! I really appreciate this!

Anytime @johnlubbes. Also feel free to follow all of my other coverage of DCU! Including Reviews, Articles, and my Summer of Events Reading Club!

Appreciate you doing this by the way Nathan. Love the excitement of new comics every week and that you do the work to find what has been digitized.


I sortof do… LeonardoMyst is the true digitized master, I just took some time to try and figure it out.

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Thx Nathan​:grin:. I’m really looking forward to keeping up with all the post metal storylines :+1:t2: