'The Suicide Squad' adds new characters!

Jeff Snieder of Collider is reporting new characters for James Gunn’s take on Suicide Squad.

Ratcatcher-Rumored to be cast as a female

King Shark

Peacemaker-Rumored to be played by Dave Bautista

Polka-dot Man

What do you think? Are you excited?


Its the first topic discussed

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Heres the actual article


The Flash version of King Shark looks impressive with a TV budget so I’m interested to see how the character will turn out with a movie budget. Hopefully King Shark has better luck in this Suicide Squad movie than he did in Assault on Arkham.

I’m not familiar with the other characters, but I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the studio’s plan was to have Gunn turn lesser known characters into popular ones like he did with the Guardians of the Galaxy. This would also explain the reported limited use of Harley because it would give the new characters time to develop.

Live-action Polka-Dot Man? Sign me up!

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Yes please. I’ll take two.

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Anybody know if there’s any reading material available for these lesser known Characters available in the comics section? Where’s HubCityQuestion when you need him?


Peacemaker was the character Alan Moore wasn’t allowed to use in Watchmen, so he created Comedian. He’s a crazy character with a giant dumb helmet who makes no sense and I love him.

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@RagdollRebel, if you’d like to swim with King Shark, you can check out:

-Green Lantern (2005-2011) #'s 4 and 5
-All of the New 52 Suicide Squad issues that are here. I don’t guarantee he’s in every issue but he was a prolific member of the team at that time.

Those are just a few suggestions. I’m sure there’s other material here featuring King Shark, in particular Silver Age Green Lantern.

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Peacemaker is an AMAZING pull for Bautista! I am in!

If you want to read more about him, check out John Rogers and Keith Giffen’s Blue Beetle (2006), available here on DCU.

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@Vroom Thanks for the heads up! King shark is actually the only one of these characters I know, he was featured a bit in Aquaman before Kelly Sue DeConnick took over.

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So all the other character from the first one are out?

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@AnimalPerson That’s not exactly clear yet, this is just a list of the confirmed (as far I know) new characters. Im really hoping the guy that played Captain boomerang returns he was great and Viola Davis as Amanda Waller too. If they were gonna wipe the slate completely clean I don’t see the point of casting a new Deadshot

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Deadshot is returning with Idris Elba cast in the role instead of Will Smith.
Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn will return in a limited capacity.
Joel Kinnaman is out, but I haven’t heard if Rick Flag will be recast or left out of the movie.
Some smaller websites claim Viola Davis is returning as Amanda Waller, but I’d take that info with a grain of salt until a reputable source confirms or denies it.
As for anyone else, I haven’t heard anything regarding their return but given the rotating roster of the Suicide Squad some probably will not return.

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I hope they bring back Captain Boomerang too


Not excited at all for these chapters except maybe King Shark. Everyone is just meh

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I’ll need to re-read the first Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle series to check out Peacemaker. Bautista would be a welcome fold to DC and a big ol’ you know what to The Mouse.

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Idk, not excited but intrigued. there’s still Wonder Woman '84, Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn, Joker, New Gods, Cyborg, Flashpoint, The Trench. much more excited for those, plus Shazam

Eighth, word is Cyborg has been indefinitely shelved. It’s why he is part of Doom Patrol.

Eighth, Flashpoint apparently is being scrapped too. They just brought in a new producer, and apparently it’ll be just a regular Flash solo film now. Cross over films are no longer a priority at this point. Also recasting of Batman and other characters will make it harder to pull off now.

I don’t know what to think of any of those characters because the only one I know is Killer Shark. What I hope they do in this movie develop these characters. Something they didn’t do other then Harley. In the first one. Killer croc Just stood around in the background and was give 5 lines of dialogue in the whole movie

I also hope Joker is not in the movie