The Spectre 90s series

I’m really digging this 90s Spectre series. But how come I can’t find trades for all 63 issues?

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Only two volumes were created as trades.

I believe every issue is here in our library.

I remember reading the final issue as an issue not a trade.

It was a funeral which difinately.finished everything that was outstanding from other issues.

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But why only 2 trades? And why the frick is the first one going for almost a thousand dollars on Amazon?

Spectre is not a very popular character.

Again every story you want is available here or at Comixology, just as single issues, not trades.

That’s what someone is asking for it, doesn’t mean their gonna get it. People will that often in eBay. If you get some schmuck to pay that, more power to them, I suppose.

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