The Snyder Black Suite and Cringe

People do realize that the black suit wasn’t the edgy more bad(censored) version of Superman, right?

It was a regeneration suit.

The Kryptonian equivalent to a hospital gown.

Why do people keep thinking it’s cool?


People are dumb and also it’s the whole it looks cool argument. You have to realize most of these people who watch movies don’t read comics so they don’t know.


I always took the black suit excitement to be an obvious visual distinction between whatever Snyder planned and what was released. That’s what it represented to me anyway, that idea of what the movie was meant to be. It also happens to look kind of cool, but I expect to see the colored suit restored by the end.

The version of JL we’ll see on HBO Max is probably going to be more of a director’s cut/extended edition than a retooling of a theatrical release. People excited to see Snyder’s world and visuals (such as the black suit and other flowing, heroic cape poses) will probably be happy with the cut (at least).

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I mean, it was the edgy, cool new suit. The whole “regeneration” thing was largely an excuse to give us a long-haired, gun-toting Superman in black, more in line with the violent antiheroes who were dominating the comics in the early 1990s. The writers were nice enough to give us an in-universe explanation, but let’s not kid ourselves.


The black suit was the original plan. And I mean, he did die, so yeah it’s probably also nodding to the comics. And being Snyder, there’s probably some symbological choice as well.


Black is a cool color.

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I’m people… sooo… :eyes:

Things can have different meanings or emotional attachments based on the context they are in. You’re right in that the black suit is functionally a hospital gown, but contextually it means much more as a reader, fan of comics, fan of Superman, etc. The Death of Superman was a comic that has left an incredible impression in Superman’s history. His return was huge thing as well. What would Superman be like after finally being defeated in a major way? After having his life taken from him? The Black Suit a visual representation of his change in character (along with the mullet). Clark is no longer the clean cut, bright colored, underwear on the outside of his suit wearing hero we formerly knew him to be. He’s had an emotional journey which has physically manifested itself. The color black was undeniably chosen by artists Jon Bogdanove & Dennis Janke as a way to visually showcase this change. You can’t get much further away from the typical primary colors than black. It’s the void of color. The void of what once was. So yeah, there’s a lot more symbolism and context baked into that costume that makes it represent so much more. Also, I mean like… black suits just look cool to some people haha.

To summarize, just because a costume is functionally one thing, it doesn’t mean it can’t have more meaning built into it that makes it cool. A wedding dress is more than a wedding dress if it’s worn by a kick *ss women saving the day after a disastrous wedding. A suit and tie isn’t that cool on a regular dude, but it’s AWESOME on James Bond. And even your example of a hospital gown can be super horrific and symbolize more if it’s worn by a person who wakes up in a hospital in the midst of the apocolypse.

Hope that helps you better understand why people love the suit. I think your tone here is pretty dismissive and rude towards fans of the suit; and doesn’t do justice to the context and history behind it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t care much about the return of Superman look (the mullet really bugs me haha), but I would never hate on people who like it. Let’s all try to be a little bit nicer towards one another and understand that there is no such thing as a “right opinion.” No one on here is more or less of a comic fan than one another.

That goes for you too @fishin4bass.66054 . Calling people dumb is just not cool.

It was something he literally only wore for like 2 issues. The fascination makes no sense.

Okay. First off, he wore it for five issues, but that’s besides the point. How long he wore it for doesn’t change anything that I said. It doesn’t make it less memorable or iconic. It doesn’t take away from the symbolism or context. Like, it doesn’t matter. Peter Parker only wore his Iron Spider suit for a few issues back in Civil War for a bit. That doesn’t make it less iconic though. It was a symbolic moment in a major point in comic history. Hence why it has become an important suit that’s appeared in other media. Superman’s black suit is doing the same thing.

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While yes the Black suit was part of the storyline for his return being part of the deal with the Kryptonian Regeneration. People just liked the look obviously enough to warrant its appearance after all these years. I’ve no issue that most are OBLIVIOUS to its origin. I’m just glad we are NOT getting the SUPER MULLET! :joy: so yeah!!!