The Sinestro Corps War


Anyone know where to find the rest of the sinestro corps. I’m reading the Geoff Johns run of Green lantern (preparing for Blackest Night) and have hit the Sinestro corps war but John’s run seems to only have every other issue. I can’t seem to find #3, 5, 7, etc. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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It’s all on here. I read it in its entirety there’s a ton on here that aren’t listed. Idk? All I can say is I have an Apple TV it’s got Alexa on the remote. I just hold a button and ask for an issue and it brings every (for example) I just say green lantern corps 5 and it brings up every GL 5 issue. Sorry you’re having an issue and I’m probably no help but I can tell u I read it in its entirety, maybe 2wks ago. So unless something changed, those issues should be available on here?


okay cool that does help! I’ll keep looking!! I might need to tweek the search. thanks

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In the Comics section, hit the “Storylines” tab. There’s a Sinestro Corps War listing that collects them all!


No prob hope it works out it’s a good read as hub city said it’s also on here posted in order. I always google em anyways tho cuz there’s usually tie-ins not included but there always still available on here. Would like to recommend godhead for u too. It’s got the full run on here. It’s not posted anywhere but if u google it on fandom or comic book reading orders they’ll list em all out. It’s lanterns vs New Genesis it’s similar to sinestro wars except it’s highfather, Orion some Apokolips involvement, it’s really good. Hope you can work it out, good luck and enjoy if u do it’s a great read!!!

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Here’s a link to the storyline collection:

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thank you all!!

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the storyline is divided between his gl run and green lantern corps