:00_shazam: 💥 The Shazam and Superman Spring Spectacular 💥 :superman:


:hibiscus: Happy Spring :sun_with_face:, @ModernAgeSupermanClub!

As The World’s Mightiest Mortal rocks and rolls in theaters with Shazam: Fury of the Gods, here’s a Springtime-fresh sampler featuring a few of his and The Man of Steel’s noteworthy adventures:

Share what comes to mind about these super-powered adventures and…who do you think would take the Springtime cake (Mmm, Springtime cake. :drooling_face:) in a rumble between The Big Red Cheese and The Man of Tomorrow?


I enjoyed reading these stories. I will have to see how the Superman Batman one plays out. The Lightning Strikes storyline was good. Eclipso getting at Superman through Lois was inspired. As far as who would win in a fight, my heart wants to say Superman, but my head says that magic gives the edge to Shazam (I prefer his original moniker of Captain Marvel).


Wunderbar! :partying_face:

Superman/Batman is choice, very choice, so feel free to check back as you progress with the mag.

Indeed, and how about Ian Churchill’s art? Lighting Strikes is the story that made me a fan of his.

We all know who the one, true Captain Marvel is. :wink:

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I don’t think I have any of these issues but I’ve read the Loeb stuff.

good poses on the cover of #4 posted above for momentum.


I’ve read all of these, save that '84 Annual, which has that eye-searing 1980s art where every inch of a panel is crowded that only someone like Perez really did well in those (and other) ages.

However, when I think of Billy and Clark, I tend to think of Billy’s deepest darkest heart:

and for those that do like their comic book with angst along with their punching, the inevitable, unexpected outcome of Billy’s young heart meeting it’s deepest despair

If someone asked me for a noteworthy Cap and Supes adventure tale to read, this is the one I would suggest for their Mightiest Mortal needs:

which apparently also requires an Ultra account.
Superman/Shazam! - First Thunder

But then again, I never read my funny books for the punching and I’m not ever going to be a fan of any Superman Versus story arcs.

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