The Secrets Of Isis

I have been enjoying finally being able to see the old Saturday morning version of “Shazam” from my childhood and it has me hoping that DC Universe will give its spin-off “The Secrets Of Isis” the same treatment. I realize that many people may not even remember this show and that is part of the reason I hope they will restore and air it, it was a lot of fun to watch and also had a positive female role model (similar to Wonder Woman) for girls to look up to.


I hope they restore it and put it on here


I’m not sure DC ever had the rights. The one in 52 is actually a thinly-veiled knockoff and the character doesn’t otherwise exist in the DCU. I think she was original to the TV show.

Yeah Zari is basically Isis, even wearing the some costume. I don’t know what the rights are like but Shazam is owned by DC so why not Isis?

I loved Isis! I’ve got the complete series on DVD, and you can buy the series on digital through Amazon. It would be nice to have the series restored for HD like Shazam, though.

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I believe DC has bought Isis the character, but the show is still owned by someone else pretty sure as someone else said is Universal. DC/Warner owns Shazam! the series because after Filmation went under the licensed shows they did had their rights given to the owners of that property. But while Isis was a spin-off she was an original character so DC had no claim to her. I am pretty sure they later did buy obtain the rights to the character hence the comic book and tv appearances in their books and shows (could be they got around it since the name Isis can’t be copywritten but I am pretty sure I heard they do own the character outright, just like other shows made by companies other then Warner in the past, the distribution of the show is not part of that).

So yeah, while it is not impossible DCU could license the rights to stream Isis, although to date they have only had stuff on here Warner/DC own the distribution rights to so does not seem in the cards especially in the near future, even if they did they likely couldn’t remaster it and even if they could would not be logical to spend that time and money on something they don’t own.

There was also a short Isis comic mini-series in the 1970s from DC.

You can watch the show free on You Tube

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Wasnt a version of Isis in the weekly 52 series?

That would mean DC owns the character or maybe has to pay a fee to use.

I am not sure whether use of Captain Marvel required a fee but it took decades for DC to produce a comic for him.

Similar issues may occur for Plastic Man and Freedom Fighters, formerly from 1940s Quality Comics.

DC comics likes to use a major character that they own at least once a year, for trademark purposes.

The only reason Wonder Woman was not cancelled in the 1950s.and 1970s is that the creator, William Marston was a businessman. His contract with DC states that if the Wonder Woman comic ceased being published, all rights to the character reverted to him or his estate.

I’m guessing DC got the comic book rights to Isis when the show was on. That doesn’t necessarily include the TV rights, which may explain why Legends melted the air totem and made it into a wristband when originally it was a near duplicate of the original from the 70s.

I was so happy to see Isis referenced in that way on Legends. ANd i know you can watch it on YouTube and I have do that, but you shouldn’t have to, DC should own all of their characters and shows, and hopefully restore it in HD.

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