The Secrets of Isis.

Will DC Universe be adding the 70s TV series The Secrets of Isis to the line up anytime soon?

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Hell yes. The Secrets of Isis would mesh perfectly with the fact Shazam is on here

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The rights issues are complicated. While the character appears to belong to DC Comics, appearing as part of the Black Adam family in print, used in a couple of ways on Smallville, and kind of rebooted as Zari on Legends of Tomorrow, the distribution rights for the original episodes appear to belong to Universal due to a smaller company being eaten by bigger companies, essentially. So the only likely way Isis appears here is if Warner’s has something small Universal wants, and they make a deal.

Misfit. I went on line and read wikipedia and though the character of Zari is very similar. It’s just not the same. Hopefully Kelsey Grammer will get the movie made. I did not know in the comic series she was with Black Atom and turned villian. I would like to see the original series just as references to fun times in my childhood, or a new kickass CW type series for the adult me.

Kelsey “Frasier Crane” Grammer is involved in the production of a DC flick?

Grammer purchased rights but nothing has come of it yet. Not surprised he would be interested since he portrayed a comic book character himself.

Yes, a beast he indeed was. Nevertheless, that is fascinating to hear that he has a vested interest in a DC property. You just never know who might be a fan.

I wonder if David Hyde Pierce is scoping out a deal.

Isis’ first comic book appearance was in SHAZAM! #25.

I would think an easier way then Warner making a trade is, in theory, DC Universe could work out a licensing deal to put Isis on here. That being said, I would not hold our breaths. Even if that was possible to my knowledge DCU has not licensed any non-Warner Brothers/DC owned shows or movies on here to date. So it seems, understandably, like they currently are not interested in paying licensing fees for anything to put on here. I would think the best chance of Isis ever being on here is if DCU becomes big enough and is bringing in enough money then they might start licensing out shows and movies Warner/DC doesn’t have distribution rights to, and if so they then might look at getting Isis, as I would assume it would be one of the cheaper ones. It has made the rounds on Hulu, Amazon and Netflix. Don’t know if it is streaming anywhere but doubt it is a big service if it is. So Universal would probably be willing to work something out.

But that is just speculation, it might be more complicated then that. So who knows if this scenario is possible, just think it would be the most likely one but even then that kind of thing if it happens would be a LONG way coming.

Should be worth noting I have seen the Isis episodes floating around on streaming services… they do not look good and basically look like the Before video on that Shazam restoration documentary. And if DC/Warner doesn’t own it they likely would not even consider spending that kind of time and money to bring it up to the quality Shazam! is currently at.

Sadly, I just don’t think Isis is in the cards, at least not any time soon but very possibly not ever.

I have begun watching the series on Youtube. Maybe one day the series will get digitally restored to better quality and a series reboot.

WB should just buy the series back. And Batman '66. Can’t they do that?

Well in theory they could buy anything from anyone. But it cost a lot of money, possibly more then the property would be worth. And Universal and Fox are both WB’s competition and people can be hesitant to sell somthing that helps the competition. Especially Batman 66 which seems to still be making money being licensed to streaming services, so why do DC a solid and sell it to them so they can make more money then DC pays for it (which would obviously be the goal Warner/DC would have). Some studios also never sell anything, they would rather sit on it and not use it, then look like idiots selling it to someone else and them making a fortune with it.
Keep in mind these issues are why Batman '66 never had a DVD release until well after the tv series on DVD boom, and why it only recently started appearing on streaming services.

Yeah in theory if they make a big enough offter sure anyone would eventually take the money and relent, but if Warner can’t buy it for more then they think they can make back with it why would they even want it.