The Scrapped 5G Batman: Luke Fox As Batman

So once upon a time, Luke Fox was originally going to be Batman in the now canceled 5G. I was not aware until recently that Mikel Janín was a planned artist for that concept and he gave us some very awesome designs online on what a Luke Fox Batman would have looked like:

When I saw these designs I seriously was a stupid kid with a dumb smile who just got so happy to just see my favorite character become Batman. Luke could have been a perfect Batman. He is dripping with so much style in that first panel, he’s so cool with that hairstyle. The fact he got a little robot called Bat-mite is so funny and would been amazing to see.

Second picture was essentially seeing what his Batman might be looking like. His cape materializing like that with electricity behind him is so perfect for a tech focus Batman. Those designs in the third picture are again awe-inspiring. See the influence the Future State Batman took as both are fairly similar.

If I was going to nitpick, I think I might prefer a blue aesthetic instead of yellow because Batwing colors are blue and it seems like a healthy transition to incorporate some of his old identity into his Batman. Love the Inspiration from the Rebirth Batman design but if yellow would be used than might as well be Signal in that Batman suit because yellow is Duke’s gimmick and he was prominent in the early issues of Batman rebirth.

Love these designs so much but I gotten to think what could have been. Would I like this character as much if he became Batman? Still, seeing a character I know and love as a conceptual Batman does make me happy.


First off: (wolf whistle)

Secondly: These are really cool concepts! I’m really digging #6.


it would have work better then jace at least luke is a part of the batfamily


One of my favorite images I didn’t show on the top topic was because I wanted to give more information about and I talk about here.

You see in Dark Crisis on Infinite earths #6. There is this moment where Jace Fox Batman finally arrives with his bat bike to help the other heroes where he uses his bike to run over a villian. Johnathan impressed says “nice bike.”

Johnathan, you sweet summer child…

That’s not a cool bike. That’s the most generic bike I ever seen. Ever. Don’t lie, you’re just being nice. :smile:
Now…Truth be told, this is not Jace’s fault.

Jace actually has a pretty cool looking bike in his own series where it has double wheels and slick design.

It’s pretty good. Nothing special but I like it enough for this Batman for being practical. However, Mike Janín had a even better bat bike in his designs.

This fascinating masterpiece:

This is was supposed to be Luke Fox’s Bat bike and just look at it. It’s got cool written all over it. Those cylinder wheels, electric currects coming off the lights. It’s Bladerunner mix with Tron! I just love it. It’s certainly not practical, but it’s certainly goes with the futuristic aesthetic that 5G/Future state was going for.


I thought they were setting up Luke originally, so this is interesting to see. I agree incorporating the blue for Batwing would have been better.


Love the first issue of Brave and the Bold, specifically for including a Dan Mora story called Heroes of Tomorrow that had a cyberpunk Gotham and a futuristic Batman that might look familiar to someone here.

Lol. That suit looks great and glad to see someone appreciate the face mask. But someone seriously needs to ask Mora if he got inspired by Future State and Mikel Janín designs of Luke Batman because they can’t be coincidences

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