The Sandman

The first 8 issues of Sandman was great. Let’s not stop there.


If you mean they should make more, boy do I have good news for you.

If you mean more of these issues should be on DCUI, I definitely agree. I’m hoping that we’ll get the rest at some point, maybe around the time that the TV series drops on Netflix.


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We appreciate you (and @Jay_Kay, of course) taking the time to express your interest. We’ll be passing that feedback along to the appropriate teams, so thanks again for letting us know how you feel about The Sandman on DCUI!

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I think we got the first 8 issues because they have violence and horror, but thats about as far as they go initially.

I foresee hesitancy in releasing the rest of the story because nudity and sexual content become more prevalent (not by a lot, but by enough for them to be wary in releasing them to us).

Aside from that, I imagine these 8 issues are to get you hooked and interested enough to purchase the graphic novels. When the series is released on Netflix, I imagine sales are going to see a jump. I can’t imagine they’d want to give us the full series here and risk hurting those sales.


There are already series on DCUI that have that. Madame Xanadu, as an example.

Sweet Tooth and Y: The Last Man were added on here when their series debuted, and the same argument could be made for those.


You’re right- some of the Before Watchmen comics as well.

I’m gonna say the reason is financial- like why we get Before Watchmen and nor the original 12 issues of Watchmen.

Sweet Tooth and Y the Last Man are great, but they’re not on the same level as Sandman- no offense to either of those series.


I mean more issues of the original run on DCUI.

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