The Row Siblings Cast for CW's "Gotham Knights" Series

Via Variety:

Cool to see these characters get some spotlight in live-action. I’m not completely sure what this series will be, but I’m willing to give it a shot.



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I didn’t totally realize this show was a thing. I’m paying attention now.


You’re welcome son.


Out of curiosity, is Cullen transgender for the show, or is this based on some recent development in the comics?

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I gotta be honest, I was skeptical about hearing a “Gotham Knights” show because it felt like it was catching on the hype wagon with the game (despite the fact that it hasn’t been released yet, or even if the two aren’t connected they still feel like it), and of course, there’s always those internet rumors which doesn’t promise confirmation.

But… I think I’m starting to come around, or at least feeling a little more hopeful. I do hope that this will be a Batfamily show, not just because I want it (mmmm… Jason), but I think that a lot of others do as well, especially since there’s a lot of Batfam characters in Titans. It would be a nice place for them to go; maybe a nice compromise for Batfamily fans and those that are not? Maybe everyone could finally be happy? I hope so. I want this to go somewhere and do well.


Unless I missed something in the comics, I believe this is a change to his character for the show

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