The Reverse-Flash Task Force, The Renegades?

:flash_hv_4: What Flashbooks have the Renegades in? They were in Brightest Day(2010)and then in the 2018"Flash War" but act like they’ve never met?

Hi,! Welcome back to the boards! In 2011, not long after Brightest Day, there was a massive continuity reset called “Flashpoint.” So a lot of the characters who knew each other before that point no longer had memory of one another.

The Renegades first appear in The Flash (2010) #1-6, that Brightest Day tie-in you mentioned, and return after a long absence in Flash War. You’re not missing anything – there were no appearances in between.

You know, I almost said, I hope I don’t just get a generic, “They must have been forgotten in Flashpoint”, Answer.