The rest of the DC movies

Just a question:
Why doesn’t DC Universe have the rest of their movies one here? It seems like they would want to have the DC movies to entice people to join and have them all in one place.

Because of 2 reasons:
-Those films are still fairly new, and still selling well. They are making way more money selling those films and licensing them to other streaming sites. Putting them all up on here permanently would take a large chunk of sales profit, as anyone who wanted to own all of them basically could for the low low price of 7.99, a literal steal.
-If DCU had everything DC ever produced on here at once on day one, there would be no need to subscribe. You could consume everything they had to offer the first week and unsubscribe, considering the first week is free that doesnt leave DCU with any money to fund new content like “Titans” or “Swamp Thing”. You’re basically asking “why cant I have all DC films and tv for the price of 2 movie rentals or four comics?” Because, the material value of these is much greater than what you would be paying. To justify a subscription service you need to consistently feature something fresh for that monthly charge.

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I still think the rest of the movies should be here. We pay membership and should get a benefit. We are missing several Superman movies and Batman movies.

Hi @weilandke.8523! Some of our content is currently licensed to other vendors and therefore cannot be viewed on DC Universe at this time. That being said, we are constantly adding new titles for your viewing pleasure. I advise keeping an eye on the Watchtower for details of new content being added. :slight_smile: