The Rest of Harley Quinn is now on here

I am so happy. The rest of the Harley Quin New 52 series and the rest of the Rebirth Harley Quinn series up to year ago is now on DCU, along with as far as I know all the specials. A couple mini-series not on here, but I am guessing they will be added soon.

But regardless… SO MUCH Harley Quinn goodness. I am about to go to bed and will be busy most of tomorrow sadly But Wednesday… I know what I will be reading. Was going to watch Cobra Kai when it dropped Wednesday but hell… I think it just might have to wait… I have a dater with Harley.


@DanTheManOne1 it fills me with joy to hear how happy you are. Happy reading my friend! :slight_smile:

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PS, keep your hands to yourself on that date, buddy!!


What’s missing specifically, can you tell us?

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I’m eager to flip through Harley’s Little Black Book myself.

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@Mae I would have but just got online since writing that, and I checked and while I am not the expert, every mini-series and special I knew of seems to be on here now. They even have Harley and Ivy meet Betty and Veronica (I think it was called) figured for licensing issues that one would not make it on here.

@Vroom That is actually about the only series of hers I read before joining DC Universe. It is a great series, a lot of fun.

It looks like it. I bought the first issue when it came out. The J. Scott Campbell variant of #1 is sweet!

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