The Red Duology

What do we think of Red and Red 2?

I loved Red, thought it was tremendously fun and entertaining. A very underrated DC movie. Red 2 was fun.

The movies aside, have you read the Red comics? There’s the mini-series the movie was based on and then some movie tie-ins too.

SN: Helen Mirren makes the world go round.


I liked the first one, haven’t seen the second! I always forget it was a DC comic, and I usually like Warren Ellis, so I gotta check it out

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Red 2 is fun and a good movie. If you like to see Malkovich Malkovich get good and out there, you’ll like it. Plus, you know, Helen Mirren too.

Oh! Anthony Hopkins is in it too.

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Love these movies, especially the first one. I’ve never read the original comics, though. I’ll have to look into those at some point.

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Red is great movie :+1: but like so many sequels Red 2 lost something. I haven’t seen it in a while so I can’t be that precise as to what I mean. I just remember not thinking much of it

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Red is one of the movies the “DC is so dark!” crowd should see.

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