The REAL Rorschach Test?

I’m betting none of you tv making folks realize this, but one of the keys to making the Rorschach Test useful and accurate is the fact that test takers DON’T SEE the cards beforehand. Would it really be that difficult to use fake cards?

I am of course referring to the Doom Patrol episode. Sheesh.

Not related to the show, but I took an online Rorschach test once. At the end, it said I was half crazy.

So they were authentic in their representation of the test, and you’re upset? If they had used fake cards, someone would be complaining about that, right now. No win.

I don’t know what word(s) I used to give you an impression of an upset mood, but I loved my results. I wasn’t fully crazy, but crazy enough to appreciate sanity.

@abfgmsw I was talking to the OP.

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No worries.

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Another little fact about Rorschachs: they’re not locked up in there with you. You’re locked up in there with them.