The Rank Rebirth Challenge

I discovered after trying to rank DC Rebirth for my upcoming Rebirth Reading Order how hard it is to rank. Here is every title in order. Of the ones you’ve read, what is the order to you from best to worst! In doing so I hope you gather how high quality rebirth truly is.

Action Comics
New Super-man
Detective Comics
All Star Batman
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Batman Beyond
Teen Titans
Green Lanterns
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
Justice League
Wonder Woman
Justice League of America
Blue Beetle
Green Arrow
Suicide Squad
Harley Quinn

That’s a total of 32 comic series that began in Rebirth Year One. I’m curious to see what you think are the best series. I put mine in the comments below

  1. Batman
  2. Supersons
  3. Aquaman
  4. Detective Comics
  5. Superman
  6. Action Comics
  7. Green Arrow
  8. All-Star Batman
  9. Green Lanterns
  10. New Super-man
  11. The Flash
  12. Suicide Squad
  13. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
  14. Justice League of America
  15. Nightwing
  16. Batwoman
  17. Batgirl
  18. Red Hood and the Outlaws
  19. Titans
  20. Wonder Woman
  21. Teen Titans
  22. Deathstroke
  23. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
  24. Supergirl
  25. Cyborg
  26. Harley Quinn
  27. Blue Beetle
  28. Hellraiser
  29. Batman Beyond
  30. Trinity
  31. Justice League
  32. Superwoman


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I’ll be happy to contribute my rankings once I’ve gotten the chance to really dive into the Rebirth titles. I’m new to the DC Universe overall and I’ve been waiting for DC to become more like Marvel Unlimited with respect to how they handle their comics library. Now that they have for the most part, I can’t wait to learn about all these characters. Figured the Rebirth era was the best jumping on point for me and then I can go back in time on those characters I enjoy the most!

Just for fun, I’ll make a ranked list based on what little I know of these characters and their stories. That way, I can look back on this list and see how it changes once I’ve actually started reading. Here goes!

1: Wonder Woman
2: Batman
3: Superman
4: Aquaman
5: The Flash
6: Cyborg
7: Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps
8: Titans
9: Green Lanterns
10: Detective Comics
11: Action Comics
12: Justice League
13: Suicide Squad
14: Green Arrow
15: Nightwing
16: Batgirl
17: Batgirl and The Birds of Prey
18: All-Star Batman
19: Deathstroke
20: Red Hood and The Outlaws
21: Trinity
22: Superwoman
23: Supergirl
24: Blue Beetle
25:Harley Quinn
26: The Hellblazer
27: Teen Titans
28: Batman Beyond
29: Super Sons
30: New Super-Man
31: Batwoman
32: Justice League of America

@bullet can’t wait to see how much everything changes!! (It will change a lot)

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A bit tricky. I’m going to have a section of “did not reads”, and this is just going to be for the first year, and ignore stuff that came after (thus, James Tynion’s Tec and Greg Rucka’s Wonder Woman are much higher than the following runs on those titles):

  1. Detective Comics
  2. Wonder Woman
  3. Deathstroke (these first three are really hard to rank. I think I’m picking based on how much I miss them - since Deathstroke is still going, I don’t miss it yet! :slight_smile: )
  4. Batman
  5. Nightwing
  6. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey
  7. Aquaman
  8. Green Arrow
  9. Teen Titans
  10. Red Hood and the Outlaws
  11. All Star Batman
  12. Batgirl
  13. Batwoman
  14. Action Comics
  15. Superwoman
  16. Superman
  17. Super Sons
  18. Trinity

Did not read:
Hellblazer (only read the final arc with Huntress)
Harley Quinn (only started with Humphries’ stuff)
Justice League of America
Justice League
Green Lanterns
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps
Batman Beyond
New Super-man
Blue Beetle
Suicide Squad

@miller number it’s amazing how different our list are! I might just have to give wonder woman another try!

I really liked this Batman beyond Run…odd seeing it listed so low.

@rolltide I gave up after 4issues. I want to read it through at some point because I’m sure it’s better. So is a lot of rebirth though. If I made a list today it might be very different in some key ways.

@Nathan.Payson - It’s great to have differences! That’s why there’s so many comics - so people can find something they like! I know a lot of people were frustrated by the alternating storylines in Wonder Woman, but I thought it worked pretty well, especially on rereads. And Wonder Woman Year One was simply gorgeous.

I read them one volume after the other. Because I couldn’t. It was way better afterwards. I also think I read them in the wrong order. Vol. 2 should have been before 1

I actually think that the two storylines intertwine nicely, but I’m a weirdo. :slight_smile:

I think they do, but I found Volume 2 was the better one to start with. I still think that they should be read back to back as they help each other thrive tremendously