The Question

I have in my possession what I believe to be the only Question figurine that was ever made. It was produced by Eaglemoss, circa 2006. Painted lead. I don’t like how action figures display, so I’ve always preferred figurines and statues. I wish I had a whole collection I could show you but, well… this is the only Question there is.

You can guarantee if DC ever puts out a figurine or a statue of my boy Q in the future, I’ll be at the head of the line.


I really like this. The dramatic pose and costume make it a cool piece.

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For it being the only one, it sure is purty.


I have a question for the Question. I took some photos of my collection with my phone, how do I post them? The app is asking for a URL, which I don’t have.

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@BrightKnight, you can generate a URL by uploading your picture to a site like Hope this helps!


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Yes please