The Question TV show

What’s up guys. I really think a tv show about The Question in the Arrowverse would work very well. You could have long term story telling based on mysteries/conspiracies that The Question has to solve. I’ve never read and of his comics and only know him from JLU. What elements would you guys add to his story and do you think this kind of show will work?


I used feel indifferent about The Question. But recently read Watchmen and Rorshach reminded me a lot of him. So, now I want to dig more into him (especially since I know Montaya becomes the Question at some point). I think mysteries and conspiracies would be spot on, and is kind of a play on words for his name…which warms my heart :slight_smile:

Thanks for the inspiration though. Now I’m gonna dig around for some The Question stuff.


And it would be low-budget . Shocked it hasn’t happened yet


There has been arrow Easter eggs with him


Even those these are Batman villains, I think The Court of Owls would fit in great to a tv show about The Question

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