the question that's been asked for decades who's better Wally West or Barry Alllen

Personally I prefer Wally west as the flash ( pre rebirth) I dont know if its because that’s who I grew up with as flash but what’s everyone else’s opinion

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@Maddox great choice :rofl:

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I’m a Wally West guy all the way! I do like Barry but by the time I started reading, Barry had already died in the Crisis. The only adventures of Barry’s that I had at the time were the early volumes of Silver Age Archives and the Greatest Flash stories ever told. It’s only been during the past ten years or so that I’ve made a real effort to backtrack through Barry’s pre-crisis era. quicksilver kitchen scene X-Men days of future past

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Well, I think I’ll still say Wally, but I would’ve said it a lot faster a couple months ago. And my issue isn’t recent developments, but rather that I’ve been reading his series from the beginning, and… the first two runs really suck. Like, I’ve read and enjoyed a significant chunk of Mark Waid’s run, and now I’m all the more impressed that he managed to salvage the series after what a mess Mike Baron and William Messner-Loebs had made of it. I mean, Baron’s run had a couple good points and eventually sort of found its legs… about three issues before Messner-Loebs took over and made it really boring. The whole thing is positively painful to read.

That said, from Waid on, Wally’s tenure was the bedrock that the modern Flash franchise was built on. He’s got more personality than Barry, opened up the lore of the speed force, and expanded the supporting cast. And despite that, Barry and his legacy were never handled with anything less than the utmost respect.

Also, Wally was really fun in Justice League Unlimited and Young Justice.

Wally! Morrison’s JLA run and JLTAS sold me on Mr. West.


Interesting. I always preferred Loebs run. I didnt get the love for Waids run. I really liked his Return of Barry Allen and the Wally origin but after that it was too much Star Wars (speed force, max mercury as Obi Wan) etc. I didnt like how womanizing Wally immediatly did a 180 and became this one woman guy who married an Iris rip off. I love Waid on Impulse and Barry during JLA Year One but hated his Flash run until Johns came in.

Prefer Barry. I started reading during the last four years before Crisis. I really like Wally during the early days of his run but got tired during all the speed force stories.

Wally! He was the most developed Flash of them all. I get the love for Barry and I do like him too. But Wally deserves to be “The Flash.” I’d like to see Barry take on an old Jay Garrick type of role.

Wally. I love Barry, but Wally is a more interesting character. Dont get me started on Heroes in Crisis.

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It’s Barry. Always has been since he launched the Silver Age and the answer will always be Barry.

All the speedforce add-ins to Wally was need to keep him afloat and interesting.

Some will say Diana is “the heart” of the DCU. (and there’s some validity in that point)

Barry is “the hope” of the DCU. Always has been & always will be.

That’s why it’s Barry and it will always be Barry. Barry is also the future speedster bloodline. (and, even though some don’t like the show, there is a reason why the CW chose the Barry Flash for that show. Because he always has hope)