The problems with batman ninja

Hi everyone I wanted to discuss batman ninja It’s good and bad
Ok I am an anime fan and a batman fan so you think this be a mach made in heaven warning this is going to have miner spoilers

  1. The art The art was beautiful The coloring was nice And the characters looked like the Japanese anime version of them selves
  2. Ok the plot was ok a little creative I did like the mecca verson they did
    3 character Ok in my opinion this is were batman ninja fall apart the anime had batman all 4 of his sons cat women non of them acted like there American counter parts yes I get characters can very a little depending on the writer Batman I truly couldn’t imagine batman being lost with out his tech or sending Damien to fight a major villain by himself cat women I don’t think she would betray batman to Gorilla Grodd Damion his son witch has the most screen time is so ooc it makes my teeth hurt He is happy go lucky playing with a monkey most of the anime the other 3 don’t get enough screen time to really develop much personality on the reverse side the joker and harly act normal I could truly see the joker and harly acting like this gorilla grodd to the rest of the villains don’t get enough screen time for personality’s what does everyone else thank
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Batman Ninja was the best superhero movie of 2018. It had an understanding and respect for the Batman characters on a deeper level than most Batman stories. The Batman vs Joker dynamic in Batman Ninja is beautiful in a philosophical way.


It was a stupid movie in the most brilliant and beautiful way possible. Best worst superhero movie of 2018. :joy:

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I agree that the characterization was a bit off, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the movie at all. My main problem with it was the ending. It was weird (and not the kind of weird I enjoy) and went on for too long.

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• Zero. It is a perfect movie.


Batman Ninja is my second favorite animated Batman movie after Mask of The Phantasm. It’s deliriously fun and bonkers.

Buster Bluth (Tony Hale) from Arrested Development played Joker. That’s poifect! Just keep the j-u-i-c-e out of reach.


A rare instance where I disagree with Vroom :blush: I flat out hated this movie. Not an anime fan myself, so that might have something to do with it. I thought the animation/graphics/art were fantastic, but the story? The giant mechanical…robot…house…thingy fighting the giant monkey Batman at the end? Spare me…almost fell asleep.


Like I said, bonkers :wink:


Moro if you don’t like anime I don’t think u stand a chance liking it

Tbh I feel like this would have worked better as short vignettes rather than a hour and a half movie

The only problem I have with Batman: Ninja is the Joker/Harley section that completely changes animation styles. While I get what they’re doing it’s just jarring and the whole time I’m thinking ok let’s go back to the other animation style.