The Power of Shazam!

Quick question: I’m 5 issues into The Power of Shazam and I looked it up to see how many issues it was. On wikipedia it says there are 48 issues, but theres only 35 here. Are there actually 48 and 13 are missing?? If so, how would it be possible to add them here? If not, where is a good place to find the number of issues in a series?

If comics are missing, writing a message in Suggestion Box board and contacting Support Center may help.

Also, Wikipedia has some issues because it has neglected some comic book issues that are included in that book.

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DCU has the majority of the series but not the whole kit and kaboodle yet. You never know what could pop up to tie into the movie.


The trailer has me a lil excited. Looks really fun!


“Hey, sup? I’m a superhero.” always brings a smile to my face.


Thanks everyone! I’ll put that in the suggestion box. Can’t wait for the movie either!