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Dc Comics GIF by Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Happy Shazam Day, @JusticeLeagueBookClub!

To celebrate the theatrical debut of Shazam!: Fury of the Gods, let’s check out one of Shazam’s all-time best ongoing series:

Note: If you’re brand-new to The Power of Shazam, make sure you read the original graphic novel of the same name (under the Omnibus tab) first, as it sets-up the series.

For more action-packed adventures of THE Captain Marvel and his cast of allies and villains, check out this collection, which is packed full of vintage and modern Shazam tales:

Also: For more with Shazam, do check out the latest and greatest from the Official DC Community Book Club :point_right:t2: right here :point_left:t2:.

Pick your Shazam reads, comment on what you read and I hope you all enjoy Shazam: Fury of the Gods!


I honestly wish that if they were going to adapt a storyline, that they had chosen Power of Shazam! instead of Curse of Shazam!

After all, Jerry Ordway did say that when he wrote the Power of Shazam! graphic novel, it was with the intention of being as if it was an adaptation of a Captain Marvel movie (due to his previous work on adapting the Batman '89 movie into a comic).


I didn’t know that. That just makes The Power of Shazam even better than it already is, which is saying something, as its quite possibly the all-time best modern(ish) Shazam-starring ongoing and then some.

Thanks for the share!


I really enjoyed the series. So much so that I requested a Trivia Tuesday on it (that I won).


I’ve actually been reading through this series for a bit in anticipation of the movie – some really great stuff, it was interesting to see how they were able to adapt a lot of classic elements that worked for a then modern audience.


Awesome! What’s your favorite issue?

Likewise. I did that for when Shazam! hit theaters in '19, as well.

Overall, I think TPOS did a good job at modernizing Captain Marvel and his world for the '90s and is still a series that holds up quite well, even 24 years after it ended (yeah, TPOS #48 came out in '10, but the series really ended in '99 :wink:).


First issue that comes to mind is #29.

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Ah, a solid choice.

#23 is a fav of mine.

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