The Plight of the Normals!

When space gods are warping reality or psychic parasites have infiltrated your government, it can be pretty easy to lose sight of just how tough it must be to be just a regular Joe trying to get through their day to day lives. It’s nice that the Justice League has your back and everything, but sheesh you’re just trying to pay the mortgage and get your kids to school on time.

Have you ever felt sympathy for the regular citizens of the world? Of course you have, you’re one of them! Post your “favorite”. It’s not a competition so don’t feel like you have to go straight for the big crises–but they certainly apply.

Mine is from the Aquaman/JL “Drowned Earth” storyline. Not only is there a pretty severe world-wide flood, which by itself is devastating–but touching the water turns you into a Shape of Water/Luca-esque sea monster. Don’t worry, everything went back to normal in short order. No harm done I guess…


During JLA: Crisis Times Five, when the world was being attacked by the 5th Dimension.


Yeah, definitely during the trial by fire arc.

People in Korea were having a ordinary day when suddenly a giant flaming Martian was fighting a giant man in red tights.

Suddenly they they were forcibly removed from their home and found themselves on a island. Watching a nuke destroy their city.


Well that’s simply heartbreaking.

I haven’t read this yet and it’s been a while since I’ve read a good MM story. I’ll check it out.


Literally just Space Ghost lol