The Penguin Spinoff on HBO Max


Saw this very interesting. Wonder what they will do. Just gets me more exited and curious about this Batman movie.


HBO max is really just throwing around these spinoffs, not complaining just interesting


They are really banking on The Batman being a hit aren’t they?

We are going to get a lot of spin-off with it if it is.


No kidding! I’ve lost track of just how many spin-offs have been announced/rumored. Red Hood, Peacemaker, Black Canary, this, and I’m sure there are more (anyone remember the Hawk and Dove rumored one back when Titans was first announced? 'Cause I sure do!)

At this point I’m just taking things with a grain of salt… I don’t want my emotions to get played with :pleading_face:


So that’ll be the 2nd The Batman spin-off on HBO Max. The other one being Gotham PD. I wonder how hard they’re going to be leaning into each universe (DCEU vs. The Batman vs. Titans vs. Arrowverse, etc.)

Why? Just why? Bring back Swamp Thing, that’s the show that should be there!


I would’ve been down for a Catwoman spin off more tbh.

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Some people want this show. Colin Ferrel is a phenomenal actor and the Penguin is an interesting character. Is he the ONLY interesting character? No, but he is ONE. It’s okay if you’d rather have a different show be made, but I think it’s a little weird to bring up show that has nothing to do with this thread because you’re not getting what you want.

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:smiley:I’m interested, if it’s was done.


If it happens, I’ll give the show a chance.

For me, a more interesting villain-starring series would be Clayface.

He’s framed, escapes from Arkham to find who framed him and why, and is always under a new identity each week to avoid Batman, the DMA, A.R.G.U.S, Checkmate, the D.E.O. and the rest while seeking to clear his name in the process.

It’s essentially The Fugitive, but with a Batman villain as the lead.

A Batman villain who’s much more deserving of a new live-action gig than one whose already had his share of them (The Penguin), I’d like to add.

I’ll give it a try especially if ‘The Batman’ is really good kinda like how once seeing The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker in that made me more interested in the spin-off.

Penguin’s always been a great character in live action between Danny DeVito and Robin Lord Taylor from what I’ve seen so hopefully Colin Farrell’s is just as intriguing.

Side-note: As others mentioned this show existing has no correlation to other shows not existing or continuing. And who knows… this show could surprise us… wouldn’t be the first time a DC (or Marvel) project did that for me when I asked “but why this?”

Just wait until HBO comes out with a series titled…‘The Spin-off from the Spin-off’

How do we know that they aren’t developing one? We already know of two and Catwoman would be logical.

I mean nothing has been confirmed besides except for Gotham PD and Penguin so at least to the public, we don’t know.

Can’t wait for more expansions of this universe, so unbelievably hyped for the Batman! Will never forget being at the first DC FanDome, freaking out over seeing our first trailer.

As of this moment, don’t care. Villain centric stories don’t intrigue me. The Penguin by himself doesn’t intrigue me. That can change after watching The Batman, but at this time, my reaction is “ok dokey”.

I’m very intrigued to see where they go with this Story. Especially if they continue to use Farrell for the role.