The other MCU we almost had... and Booster Gold info.

On today’s episode of Fatman Beyond they’re guest, screen writer Zack Stentz gave a small ifo dump on some of his past projects. When asked him which project that never came to fruition disappointed him most. His answer was about a secret project he was hired to write back in 2011 that involved every Fox owned Marvel property: X-men, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, Ghostrider, Deadpool, Silver Surfer, and more! I dont think it’s too far out to assume the villain was Galactus.

At one point, 3 years ago if you do the research, he wrote a Booster Gold script for WB. Berlanti was attached as a producer and was apparently pleased with the script, but Berlanti became tied up in other obligations. Towards the end of the podcast, he mentions that he has a meeting with WB and Berlanti coming very soon. To be clear, he never implies its Booster Gold and it is far removed from the BG talk. But there is a chance it comes up, right? It was never canceled or taken off the table (no projects are never truly dead in Hollywood)

I’ll come back with a video and timestamps… sorry, multi tasking


Believe I read in the last week that the Booster script was in limbo, not canned but not moving forward. Wouldn’t surprise me if that’s what they want to discuss

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1:00:30 he mentions BG and Berlanti, 1:16:50 for the Fox Marvel talk, continue through to 1:27:00 for the WB/Berlanti meeting confirmation.

I recommend watching the whole thing though. Warning, lots of swearing, just in case you have a problem with that kind of thing.

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There’s swears? Well, Mr. Falcon! That just won’t do :wink:

I hope a Booster Gold movie can come about at some point.

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