The Obscurity of DC Club Presents: Month of Obscurity, Month 3 (May) -- SECRET!

Hiya there @ObscurityofDCClub and other members of the DC Community! Welcome to the third MONTH OF OBSCURITY! For the month of May, we will be focusing on…

Age Suggestion: 12+

Number of Issues: 26

Young Justice: The Secret
Young Justice Vol 1 – Issues 4-25 (Issues 26-54 will be next month!)

Description taken from the DC Wiki: Secret is an incorporeal super-hero and member of Young Justice. Having been killed by her adoptive brother Billy, she remained stuck on this plane of existence as a ghost. This makes her a gateway between the living and the dead, allowing her abilities including flight, teleportation, shapeshifting, and taking souls to the other side. Her brother is the super-villain Harm. Secret was created by Todd DeZago and Todd Nauck, first appearing in Young Justice: The Secret #1.

With that out of the way, here are some discussion questions:

  1. Why do you think Secret was called Suzie before her real name was known?
  2. Do you think Greta wanted to be a hero? Explain.
  3. Greta usually followed Robin’s orders without question. Why do you think that was?
  4. Why do you think Peter David (the writer) created Saint Elias School for Girls specifically for the female members of Young Justice?
  5. Greta did in fact appear in the Young Justice show, but just for one episode. Why do you think the writers of Young Justice decided not to keep her on the show?

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I will try to read some of this! I have never read a Young Justice comic before so I am pretty excited to start at the VERY beginning. I think I might have even picked up The Secret while roaming for cheap back issues. After I get the newest House of Horror reading done I will be sure to check this out.

Before I read, does Young Justice the comic have Teen Titan vibes or is this something completely different? How close is this is to the TV show?


They definitely give off different vibes than Teen Titans IMO. The characters are different in the show, but it has the same feel to it.


I’ve read a little bit of the 90s Young Justice before, but never the whole thing. This might be a fun way to get through more of it. :smiley:

From what I’ve seen, if by Teen Titans you mean the 03 animated series, it’s probably closer to that – has a lot of comedy, but can also do serious too. The Young Justice animated series is very much it’s own thing, though there is an episode in the first season that I believe was written by Peter David that references a lot of YJ, from having one of the side characters dress in Superboy’s classic costume, to including Secret herself.


I have just read Young Justice: The Secret. The artwork is a departure from the previous books I have read this evening in that it is very cartoonish. I do want to see what is happening with Secret. Whenever the DEO is involved you know there is something more than meets the eye.


Isn’t it May?


Yes it is. Oops! Thanks @keath!