The next DC game

Rumors are running rampant these days about DC’s next big game. There were rumors of a Suicide Squad multiplayer game, a Batman Arkham prequel called “Arkham Insurgency”, an Arkham sequel featuring an aged Bruce Wayne and Damien Wayne as Batman, and now we have a Rocksteady Superman game rumoree, along with Rocksteady Justice League game AND another Arkham game called “Arkham Universe”.

Granted none of these are probably real, but we can all agree that we’d love more DC games. So which character do you think is more deserving the get the next big Arkham-esque game franchise?

I’d personally love to see a Wonder Woman game made Santa Monica(God of War series). A hack n slash game where you play as Diana trying to save the world from Ares, Hades, and Circe. Or a Green Arrow game made by Ubisoft, since recent Assassins Creed games and Far Cry have proven that they get bow mechanics. Or eveb something crazy like a Teen Titans action RPG in the vein of Final Fantasy XV.

Those are just a few I could think of, but what do you all think?

Justice League. Another Batman game by Rocksteady would be great but I’d prefer they try an all new story. Keep elements of gameplay but everything else being a whole new bat universe

I’d love a DC game that’s like Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance.


I’m amazed they haven’t done that recently.

That’s what I’m hoping for with a JL game. They can even just use Justice League Heroes as a template and improve upon everyrhing.

And here I am wanting a Static Shock game

The closest to a Static Shock game anytime in the near future unless a mobile game featuring him will be to either make an electricity character based on him on DC Universe Online or hope he’s on the roster in a possible Injustice 3 game

He was supposed to be in Injustice 2, but when they realized NeatherRealm was reacing it’s 25th anniversary, they used Raiden instead, and because a Black Lightning show had been announced, they used him as a skin for Raiden.

Hmm, didn’t know that. I think he for sure at least has a 50% chance of being in Injustice 3 then

A Batman Arkham villains game were you can play as any Batman villain and destroy and trash the city and watch out for Batman and the police

Eh, that sounds more like a dlc pack

Or that crappy Gotham City Imposters game.

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And before that, Arkham Origins multiplayer mode

I love the Arkham games, but a Justice League game would be fantastic, and it wouldn’t need to have too many members so each one can actually be detailed, Batman, WW, Superman, GL, Flash, Martian manhunter, and maybe Aquaman, or The Atom, or go with the show and do Hawkgirl, with eventual dlc added, with different open worlds would be awesome.

Superman!!! I think Superman can be done right and here is my idea… I know a lot of people have been saying Superman is too powerful, he can’t die, etc etc. Which to me is just an excuse and people who don’t know how to write(obviously because these are video game fans saying this not developers themselves). I am a writer and have been writing my own stories, comic books and movies ever since I was a wee lad. Peep me Warner Brothers! :slight_smile: SOooo anyway here it goes…

I start off with a question. Krypton has exploded, yes? So it is reasonable to think that shards of the planet is and has been traveling throughout the galaxy for some time now. So imagine this, Earth is hit with a massive Meteorite. Not large enough to cause it serious damage but it’s quite massive and if it were any bigger it certainly would be a catastrophic event(perhaps the size of a city). The meteorite it is made up of - you guest it Kryptonite. SO its similar to what happened in the TV series Smallville but to a much greater scale and in a remote area. Now this source of Kryptonite, of course, is investigated by various officials and eventually makes it’s way into the hands of someone very rich and powerful(presumably Lex Luther). This is many years before the events of the game(perhaps 10 or 20 years give or take). So it turns out kryptonite has a lot of value as we know from the comics it can be used as a power source etc etc. So this evil rich and powerful man uses the kryptonite to power and develop high tech and sophisticated weaponry over the course several years.

So this is just the backstory which can be revealed and explained throughout the game.

Fast forward to the time of the game. So the first scene of the game will be Superman as we know him in the middle of saving the day. its a playable very short teaser mission in the game. He is lured into a trap during this mission and the bad guy has an explosive device. These cronies want to capture superman with the threat of harming Superman with this device. But of course its superman. You can’t harm him, right? Wrong! this bomb is powered by krptonite and is the first weapon we see from the research and development we talked about earlier. of course superman does not know this and tries to stop the “pesky thugs.” BOOM! everything goes black

We wake up in a hospital bed in an abandon hospital facility (or what looks like one anyway). Superman has IVs etc attached to him. We can’t use many of his powers at this point. Just a few. The facility is eerily vacant. Just a few armed guards with kryptonite powered guns. which he has to fight his way out of.

By the time he makes it out of the facility and into the city. We find that martial law has been enacted and pretty much every law enforcement official has a high tech weapon powered by kryptonite. The story and what can happen in the game is limitless. And superman can indeed die! And some of his powers have to be unlocked.

I think this is a very possible and pretty much obvious game and story that could be done with Superman.

Anyway, that’s the gist of my idea :slight_smile: …Sorry it was so long I tried to make it short but I just thought it can show people the possibility of an engaging superman game.

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