The Next DC Black Label Movie

WB considered Joker 2019 as a test for a new brand of DC movies, stuff that’s ultimately independent from any main continuity. What other hero/villain deserves the DC Black Label treatment?

For me, I have 3 personal favorite choices:

  1. Cyborg - instead of more sci-fi, could go Joker route and be about how a differently abled individual navigates the real world. Obviously give him some cool upgrades and stuff but it could be a more incisive look at the world.
  2. Green Arrow - could honestly take the concept of CW Arrow and just go hard R with it. Make it more gruesome, like S1 was.
  3. Lex Luthor - instead of doing like a Donald Trump parody (which is way to easy and, frankly, basic at this point), make it something about the vindictive nature of capitalism if you wanna go for that. Always stepping on each other to get ahead. And Lex is as charismatic as they come, so it’d be a helluva ride.

If we are going to see a villian deconstructed so we can understand the motivation I say Floyd Wilson, Deadshot. Here’s a guy, a professional killer with no superpowers only an uncanny accuracy. Probably former military with demons of his own in the shape of a daughter he can never do right by. In the second animated Suicide Squad we saw Wilson as more than a two dimensional character and I’d like to see more.


Luthor please!

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Most definitely a Deathstroke movie. And Mr. Freeze, that would be a excellent movie to see, and would be cool if they used Victor from the Animated series as the template.


You do realize they’re still making DCEU Joker movie right?

Anyways, sounds like good ideas you have for black label movies, which should naturally stand out from their DCEU counterparts. Plus they would never make a DCEU Lex Luther movie anyway. But obviously a Black Label Lex movie could be possible.

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A Lex Luthor movie with a sort of Citizen Kane vibe to it would be cool. Start out with his origins as a prodigy in the Suicide Slums, his abusive parents, and the one bright part of his life, his sister Lena, whom he protects from their parents as much as possible. His parents die in a car accident, and he parleys a life insurance policy that they never knew had been taken out on them into a new life for them both. Watch his good intentions gradually be undermined by his ego and need to be in control at all times. End with him pulling off something underhanded and horrible for what he feels are the best possible reasons, but his sister finally tells him that she’ll always love him for who he was, she can’t stay with him as the man he’s become. I’d watch it, so long as it doesn’t get sidetracked by anti-Trump anger or devolve into an anti-capitalist manifesto.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Longbow Hunters is tailor made to be turned into a Joker-style lower budget 80s setting R rated movie.


Each Black Label movie would be set in an era that best fits it. So long bow hunters might take place in 80’s but other black label movies would take place in completely different decades.

The director of Joker (BL) choose 80’s because it worked best for what he wanted to go with for a Joker movie.

The Lex one sounds cool.

Two Face would be interesting. Seeing Ha gets war with the mob leading to two face.
Clayface would be cool too. See a great actor with a tragic past g set turn into the beast and how he deals with it.

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I think a stand alone Dr.Cran movie would be a pretty nightmareish film to see or maybe make a movie based on the Arkham institution

  1. Fire & Ice…with limited flashbacks sequences at the start and interwoven to explain origins…then that gives us a straight shot to the story

  2. Blue & Gold…same for flashback origins

  3. Martian Manhunter

  4. Adam Strange + The Hawkworld Hawks …No background stories…just jump to the story and weave the backgrounds as the movie moves fwd.

  5. House(s) of Mystery /Secrets

  6. Resurrection Man…flashback/nightmare sequences for background story


Scarecrow. A look at fear, paranoia, and phobias seems timely.


An R rated Riddler Detective movie could be really cool. Set in the 90’s to a very David Fincher style. Also Lex could be cool as a period piece set in the 50’s using the xenophobia of the time with Superman being a small background character costumed like George Reeves.


I’d love a Luther or Justice League Dark movie.

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The DCEU is doing Justice League Dark. I’m not surprised the TV show for DC Universe was cancelled.

How would a Black Label Justice League Dark work?

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Well since the joker movie looked into the polarization of our class system and the struggle a person has with themselves. It seems that a two face movie would be a good fit. Two face has a long history of dark story line to draw from. One thing that comes to mind is how the movie could dig into a person’s struggle to control their anger while also dealing with body (face) perceptions. Better writers then I could most likely do a good job with a Two face movie.


I agree with your riddler movie. I keep thinking about the riddler as a serial killer.

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I honestly think it will be Joker 2, because of how massive it was and it’s a safe bet. The next, I think it would be Luthor, but that’s not what I would like to see. I would love to see a Mr Freeze movie, I think that could be done really well with his back story.


Personally, I hope they don’t do a series of villian origin movies. I’d prefer some solid super hero movies.

I liked BvS, but I also agree it’s got problems. It never really takes a step back to look at the surrounding world. By contrast, Joker had a fully realized world, with lots of fully realized characters. The Lois in BvS is nobody. Even the Clark is nobody. There’s just nothing there.

Someone mentioned Hawkworld. That’s a great suggestion. Excellent world building; fleshed out and flawed characters; socio-politically relevant storyline.

But it’s not, “that villian movie was really good. Let’s do another villian movie!”


I’d kind of like a thriller/drama about the founding of Arkham Asylum.