The New Walmart Comic Bundles Have Arrived

These are showing up a few weeks later than usual, but nevertheless the latest round of Walmart comic bundles are available at a Walmart near you (that carries trading cards that is, as these are in that section).

There are 8 bundles in this round (thanks to eBay for the pics :wink:):

Note: For any variant fans, the cover of Batman '89 #1 above is different than the regular retail edition. The Walmart version has blue behind the DC logo and Bat-emblem, while the standard release has orange in both places. Not a big variant, but if such things strike your fancy, now you know.

There’s also a set with Suicide Squad: King Shark #1, but I haven’t yet found a good eBay photo of it.

I picked up the Wonder Girl and Superman '78 sets. In the former I got:

  • Wonder Girl #3
  • Task Force Z #2
  • Batman Annual #5 (from Tynion’s run)
  • Dark Knights of Steel #2

The latter set featured:

  • Superman '78 #1
  • Detective Comics #1027 (Artgerm variant cover with Batwoman and Batman; @Mae maybe you’d be interested in this set?)
  • Dark Knights of Steel #2
  • DC Nation Presents: Future State one-shot

Beyond the front issue in each set, the other 3 books may vary, as I saw another Superman '78 pack that did not have 'Tec #1027 in it.

So, for those interested, there you go. :superman_hv_4:


My local shop doesn’t carry DC comics and I would love to get my hands on Superman '78!! I dont know that I would care what the others are! Looks like I’ll be stopping at Wal-Mart this week.


Saw the Black Manta and King Shark packs, but I’m pretty much only in the market (currently) for the Batman '89 pack.

Although it sounds like the Black Manta one has the Catwoman 80th Anniversary Special in it.


@willeagle23.70656 Your comic store doesn’t carry DC? :astonished:

As Ryan “Green Lantern” Reynolds once said, “But why?”

@chintzybeatnik There are many series in this wave of bundles I haven’t yet read anything from, such as Task Force Z, I Am Batman and Black Manta, so they’ll be fun to sample via these sets.

When you find the Batman '89 bundle, please share the other books in it, if you’d be so kind. :clark_hv_4:


My store moved these bundles behind the counter. They were stocked next to Pokémon cards, which were deemed a high theft item.

So to get a bundle of comics, I’d have to track down an employee, then have them riffle through and pick the one I want. Too many hoops to jump through to be worth it, sadly.


That suck-diddly-ucks.

Do you by chance have another nearby store that doesn’t stock them that way?


No- one of the many drawbacks to living in Texas. The next closest Walmart for me is easily a 1 hour drive.



Maybe you can snag the one you want off eBay, then?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. :clark_hv_4:


Of course my friend.


My local guy stopped getting DC when they switched shipping service. So how long has that been? Its been awhile since he got any new DC in. He does get Graphic Novels and he has some older back issues. He recently moved and he said business has picked up so maybe he’ll start carring DC again.
And Terrific Toyman, I live in a small town with another small town right beside us and each one has a Wal-Mart. Their probably 20-25 minutes apart. It sounds crazy to me that your next closes is an hour! But Texas is bigger than Ohio. Lol
I still need to go look for those books.


I bought 5 of the different packs from my local Wal-Mart and there were many different books but one I did get several of. Dark Knights of Steel #2 was in all 5 packs.


Two years ago this May, if memory serves.

I’m sorry they stopped carrying DC.

I’m always surprised when I hear of stores that don’t carry books from one (or more) of the major publishers, as that’s not only inconveniencing the customers that want those books, but those stores are then sending those customers, and their money, into the hands of competitors that do carry the publisher/books that the other store doesn’t.

Anyhow, best of luck in getting the Superman '78 #1 bundle. It’s a solid issue (and series). :superman_hv_4:


This makes me wonder if DKOS was focused on just for this wave, or if subsequent issues of the series will be in future bundles throughout 2022 (with the next series due in March).

Were there any other series/issues of note in your bundles, @dragginmajik?


So I went to one of my local Walmarts and they had very little to choose from. Saw the I am Batman, WonderGirl and the Batman '89 but no Superman '78 so I need to check the other one.


Welcome back to the community @dragginmajik! :wave: Thank you for sharing - unfortunately, my Walmart seems to be quite scarce in its comic book offerings at this time. I might make a trip to the one slightly farther away to see what they have.

Please feel free to let the moderator team know if you need anything! :batparrot:


Found it:

Came with
Batman/Fortnite #5
Dark Knights of Steel #2
Task Force Z #2


Nabbed two more packs:

The set with Nubia and the Amazons #1, which also featured:

• American Vampire: 1976 #9
• Task Force Z #2
• Justice League #66 (cardstock variant)

The set with Task Force Z #1, which also has:

• Dark Nights: Death Metal #5
• The Dark Nights: Death Metal: Speed Metal one-shot
• Wonder Woman #775

@chintzybeatnik Congrats, and thank you for the share. I’ll pass on that set, as I’ve already got the books in it (and I’m particularly set on duplicates of Dark Knights of Steel #2 as well :joy:).


i brought wonder girl at walmart for my friend twin sister birthday


An excellent gift! I hope she enjoys the reads, and becomes a fan of Yara.


To give visuals to what I was saying earlier: here’s the “comic section” at my local Wal-Mart. Behind a counter, and barely visible at all :man_facepalming:

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Well piffle, that stinks.

I can see how asking for a certain set (or more) would be akin to when you go into 7-11 and ask for the latest National Geographic: a smidge awkward.

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