The New Mego DC Figures Are Out

I was at a local music/movie joint this afternoon and saw one each of:

-Black Manta
-Wonder Woman

$24.99 each. They look nice (Batman’s neck still looks too long) but I held off for now. I don’t understand why Rebirth artwork is used on certain boxes when the figures are in their New 52 togs.

Anywho, for those interested they’re a hittin’.


I picked up a Green Lantern a few months ago for the sake of novelty, but the 14-inch scale is just a bit too unwieldy for me to want many more.

Now if they can make some 8-inchers, match the quality of Figures Toy Company, and get the price down, I’m in! My 40-year-old Megos could use some company!

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After the DC license changes hands to Spin Master and McFarlane, I wonder if that will somehow open up a means for Mego to produce 8" scale DC figures.

Amazon has also had a few of the series two figures. $24.99 last I looked.


Oops, I meant Amazon had the “newest series” and not “series two”, as Target had those :slight_smile:

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