The New Frontier, When Will we see a Writer/Artist do what Darwyn Cooke did in todays current climate?

Darwyn Cooke, The New Frontier.
By far the most MOVING, FUN and Socially Ground Breaking Story I’ve EVER READ. The interwoven TRUE TO LIFE History, SEAMLESSLY Combined with the Silver Age Heroes, drawn in a way that pay’s homage to not just the emotions of the times, but is drawn in such a Beautiful Mid-Century Modern tone, Cooke represents a lost sense of pride and patriotism that was never seen before in comics.

Will we see this sort of approach in today’s stories? We are living in a “Crisis”. We live in a R’as al Ghul Plot! Who will take up where Cooks left off?

Fans do yourselves a favor, Read everything in the books, every news article, every word.
You are Missed Mr. Cooke.


You said it, pal. Cooke’s work on New Frontier really stands out, and I applaud how he was able to pull in the most obscure elements of the Golden/Silver Age, ground them with real-world politics, and make something that is so remarkable.

Especially with Cooke’s passing some time ago, I doubt there’s any clamoring for a “Frontierverse” or any other literal sequel to New Frontier. That said, I definitely think that someone could take the Bronze/Modern Age comics (80’s, 90’s, and 00’s) and encapsulate that timeframe in a similar way to what Cooke did.


I think today’s political climate is rife with story ideas. Whichever side of the aisle you fall on, there’s no denying the paranoia that our culture is drowning in. Fake news from every side. Politicians who are willingly throwing niceties straight out the window.

… man, talk about the perfect setup for a story about hope and rebuilding society’s values in a new, better mold.


Yeah, he championed a model for a kind of story-telling, one that isn’t as common in today’s comics as it may have been in the past. He showed how it could be relevant and attractive to modern audiences. That vision he had was borne of his love for the comics he read.

Right now, yesterday, tomorrow, somebody’s going to read Darwyn Cooke’s comics and go nuts over that same vision and develop an art style of their own to apply to that kind of story-telling. No doubt his inspiration is right now pushing some future comic giant in that direction.