The NEW Biggest DC Leak ever! -- DC TRULY COMPLETELY Factual Article #2

Hey everyone, I had a WONDERFUL conversation with Applejack that was strangely reminiscent of last year… she may have been too excited about the future of DC… SO she forgot to make me sign an NDA…

  1. DC 5G will be better than you expect in 3 different unexpected ways.
  • Scott Snyder is taking over Jim Lee’s role (and becoming Applejack’s boss) because Jim Lee wants to be able to draw a comic again.
  • The internal name is the Wally-verse. Partially because Wally created it, but also because Wally and team Flash will be more important than ever.
  • Jarro will get to OFFICIALLY become Batman’s Robin. You will see appearances EVERYWHERE now. #thebestrobin
  1. Some of the 5G launch titles include.
  • The Night of the Leviathan by Bendis. After Leviathan took over Markovia, how does the UN deal?
  • Checkmate: Leviathan Dusk. The sequel to Checkmate: Leviathan Dawn. After Superman called himself the King of the Earth, Lois realized it was her job to establish checkmate’s iconic hierarchy. Obviously she became the White Queen, and the 4 knights are: Plastic Man, A depowered Clark Kent, The Spectre, and Mr. Terrific.
  • Superman 2. After over 800 issues of Superman, it’s time for Superman 2. Jon Kent is now Superman after Wally West imbued with the power of Doctor Manhatten decided that Superman should be replaced, so he brought Jon back from the Legion of Super Heroes and made him 21 instead of 17.
  • Extra Action Comics. After 1030 issues of Action Comics, DC decided it’s time to do a sequel series! This time, Clark has to contend with being a normal human who’s job is to make the newspaper headlines like “Extra Extra Read All About It! New Superman looks like a Younger Version of Old Superman” and “Extra Extra, New Superman meets New Super-man”
  • The last Superman Title IS:… Naomi: House of El. Naomi inspired by Superman, decides to put on the L. The directors aren’t happy with the title though because the writer ( who isn’t Bendis) is struggling to make compelling material out of the superhero. The Street level stuff is turing out great.

I’ll have more on 5G later BUT NEXT

  1. The CW shows are going strong as always! The Flash will begin Season 7 by reintroducing Wally West with the iconic red head coming out of the speed force. This Wally is from the old Earth 3 and managed to escape only to find he lives on a different world. Green Arrow and the Canariesstrong text is still up in the air and may be the first of the CW’s partnership with HBO Max for a limited series. Supergirl is beginning to wind down as the Luthor Storyline is approaching a conclusion. Season 6 will begin a transistion away from Supergirl toward Dreamer with the series spinning off a Martian Manhunter Limited Series. The Supergirl team is overwhelmed by the positive response to Nicole Maines and think she is ready for even more spotlight. Legends of Tomorrow has no sign of stopping, but expect Sara to begin transistioning out. The writers love Sara, but think her and Ava are beginning to approach their conclusion. Season 6 will be Sara’s last, while the rest of the team moves on and keeps journeying through time. Batwoman is in a weird place. CW loves the show, but has seen their new audience mostly leave. Batwoman will start to feel more like Batman and take on some iconic Bat Villains. Robin and Batman castings are underway with Robin planning to be a permanent member of the bat team. They are looking at either a Stephanie Brown or Tim Drake Casting. Either character would be taken in by Kate, and Tim Drake would likely be gay. Conner will be set up in Superman and Lois and Tim and Conner would meet in the crossover: Super Friends. OR Stephanie and Conner. Black Lightning is going strong and will be getting a bigger marketing push by DC. The goal is to relaunch it on HBO Max and make it more mature. The pilot script apparently is really good. Superman and Lois will be introducing Damian Wayne in Superfriends and he will meet Jon there. Damian Wayne will then become a permanent member of the cast. The casting for Damian is planned for the Summer. Apparently they are really struggling with the casting and are planning on going to top performing gymnastics studios.

  2. Superfriends: The 2020 crossover will focus on four big things.

  • Introducing Damian Wayne
  • Bringing Tim Drake and Conner Together
  • Introducing the Wonder Twins
  • Building Plot threads for each of the shows

If this sounds very kid centric that’s because it in. A Young Justice Live Action Series is in the works. The team will be kicked off with the 2021 crossover. On the 4th point, the writers were really happy with the final episode of Crisis and saw energy for their shows really boost. They want to do more of that. Allow big plot threads to develop for each of the shows and launch from the crossover. The crossover will be three episodes BUT more 1 and 2 episode crossovers will happen at the episode 16-17 range.

  1. A CW Musical Episode Sequel is in the works! They are talking to a very famous pop-star to play a Female Music Miester. Taylor Swift is unlikely to do it, but apparently they are trying.

  2. More 5G! Our very own @Aurora has been called to write Birds of STEM. A story where Batgirl helps teach Girls who want to engage in STEM. (Aurora not Applejack told me this one)

  3. DCU reveals. Titans Season 3 will introduce: a new Aqualad, Tim Drake, Zatanna, Batgirl, Wally West, and 3 other heroes. If your asking why? DC is taking Titans in a Game of Thrones Direction. Expect 4 different somewhat seperate storylines that slowly and occasionally interweave. The season finale will bring everyone together.

  4. Doom Patrol is an HBO Max Launch Title! The first episode will debut on both DC Universe and HBO Max before DC Universe gets episodes a day early. This season is looking VERY, VERY GOOD.

  5. Stargirl will be renewed for a season 2 but it won’t come out until 2022.

  6. Young Justice Season 4 will come out in November and Harley Quinn will NOT get a season 3, but rather that studio will be working on a Wonder Woman Animated Series.

  7. LAST ONE! DC Universe and HBO Max will recieve a bundling package. If you have DCU Universe, you get HBO Max 4 dollars off. If you have HBO Max, you get a DC Universe year for 40 dollars off. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

Oh, if you haven’t figured it out. APRIL FOOLS!!


You’re a bonehead, but still, thank you for helpin with the day

I would so actually write it as a serious comic if asked to do so…no April fools required. :rofl:

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I’ve also heard that Dan DiDio wasn’t really fired at all. In reality, this has all been a front so that he can travel to Nanda Parbat and discover the true meaning of 5G.


I don’t know how to feel about Bonehead, but it’s meant to cheer people up!

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If Scott takes over