The New Batman Adventures episode 11: "Over The Edge" *SPOILERS*

This episode is just incredible. I watched it when it aired and in the opening sequence of the GCPD chasing Batman and Robin into the Batcave, my first thought was “Holy ****, what is happening?!”

It’s amazing that something of this caliber, with the excellent writing and voice acting, along with the maturity of it made it into a kid’s show. My thanks to Kids WB and their looser than Fox Kids’ Standard and Practices department for not dumbing things down for this episode.

Your thoughts on this amazing piece of televised art?


“Over the Edge” is one of my favorite episodes ever. It grabbed me from the opening sequence and took me on a wild ride to the end. I had a very similar reaction to yours when I started the episode. I thought it was a very mature episode for a kid’s show and it is probably one of the strongest episodes of an already strong series. Loved the writing and the voice acting was superb.


The music too! Especially when the GCPD are chasing the Batboat and Nightwing intervenes.

I love when Bullock tells Batman to drop the belt and surrender. He is absolutely not messing around at that point, he’s deadly serious.

Fantastic stuff.


I got TINGLES when I saw this thread. “Over the Edge” is easily one of my favs.

“We had a deal!”

“Thought about it. Didn’t work for me.”

“Knight Time” is probably my second favorite episode - where Superman dresses up like Batman.


“Kick over the table!” :slight_smile:


The cartoon is a little different from batman the animated series

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