THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES Arrives Tomorrow! Plus, Exclusive DOOM PATROL Photo!

What a brilliant week for the DCU Community. We get more comics and now we get this…

Tomorrow, February 1st, we kick off the celebration of Batman’s 80th anniversary with The New Adventures of Batman in glorious HD.

Next Friday, February 8th, The Batman comes to DC Universe for everyone to watch.

Then the week after that, Friday, February 15th is the premiere of our Live-action Doom Patrol here on DC Universe.

The DC Gods have been good to us and February seems to be filled with excitement. To check out more information about the titles mentioned above and to see a new, exclusive picture of Robotman and Crazy Jane from the live-action Doom Patrol check out the article in the news section of the app or copy this link: THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES Arrives Tomorrow! Plus, Exclusive DOOM PATROL Photo!


Awesome. Big fan if both Batman series and cant wait for Doom Patrol.


I love the New Batman Adventures, can’t wait to watch it again! The Doom Patrol photo looks great!


I cannot wait for Saturday Morning cartoons!


Bring on a Doom Patrol trailer!!


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Hobbits and Balrogs, I’m excited for tomorrow. What time will TNBA be available?

Wish it’s February already! More Comics, The New Batman Adventures, The Batman & Doom Patrol, I can’t wait! :smile: Thankyou DC Comics!

I’m ready !!! Adding more movies this month would be awesome too

This is gonna be a great month with more content than I can handle. Recently we’ve better getting more shows added than I can watch, which is a good problem to have! Thank you so much DC I love all of this content, I’m so pumped for Doom Patrol and the two animated shows I’ve been wanting on here since the start

What is “The Batman???”

The Batman is an animated series that came out in 2004

“The Batman” is a vigilante that operates in Gotham City. Some say he is real, others say he is a bogeyman. Fact is, he’s real.

The Batman TV show is a fun, energetic take on everyone’s favorite character named The Batman. It aired on Kids WB (with reruns on KWB and Cartoon Network) from 2004 to 2008.


Will we be learning what is coming in March anytime soon? I know nothing is leaving, which is fantastic, but is anything on the way? I mean besides more amazing episodes of Doom Patrol of course!