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Hi, I wanna go back and make my way through the new 52 can someone please help me out. I want some kings comfortable reading order that explains to me like go from this issue to that issue Batman #8 then Superman 8-14 and so on. I tried finding one on the internet but I feel like I’ll get something better from y’all . Thanks


Is this the one you found?

I don’t know if you’re going to get anything better or more comprehensive from any of us.


For a starting point, this was literally the very first comic to come out of The New 52, as it came out at the end of August 2011:

After that, your best bet is to go with whatever else interests you the most.

Reading orders are fine and good, but there’s also something to be said for jumping into the titles that interest you and not restricting yourself to a particular order.

Keep it simple and go with what interests you. The simplest way is often the best. :slight_smile:


This :point_up_2:

I started reading comics with New 52 and that is exactly what I did. Didn’t read everything, nor do I ever intend to. I just picked my favorite characters, read along, and discovered some other stuff along the way.


Oh I’m not new to the new 52. I’m a longtime fan and I’ve read Batman, Superman JL etc. just been meaning to take a dive into the past and experience things in a bit of a fun comprehension manner. And I was able to find something that basically structures through everything timelines and like when what happens where. I miss the new 52 era so here I go again. I also just restarted watching the Green Lantern Animated show and Young justice and I’m replaying Arkham city for like the 7000th time. Today I started by reading flashpoint which I guess is level zero and I’m about to read some of the world of flashpoint stuff before making the deeper dive. Like the Hatter says “Down the rabbit hole “ I go.


Same. I loved The New 52 overall, as I enjoyed most of it and the things I didn’t like were completely overshadowed by what I did like to where they didn’t offset anything for me.

Just for kicks, my current top 5 favorite New 52 titles are:

  • Justice League
  • Superman Unchained
  • Wonder Woman
  • Blackhawks
  • OMAC

Current runners-up:

  • Green Lantern
  • The Movement
  • Threshold
  • Deathstroke (second series)
  • Justice League Dark
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I think I know what kind of reading order you want: One that will put every New 52 book in some sort of chronological order. I’m not sure one exists. Even if one did, I wouldn’t trust it.

I really like New 52, but it was pretty relaxed with continuity. On these message boards, I continually come across someone asking a question about a New 52 continuity issue that doesn’t make sense. It’s because they just didn’t keep a strict timeline for New 52. They let a lot of things slide. Therefore, I wouldn’t suggest trying to read New 52 in any strict chronological order. It would take too long to figure an order like that out and wouldn’t be worth it.

@Vroom’s suggestion of reading through title’s that interest you and going from there is probably a better way to go about it. I’d say Justice League is a must-read because it was the flagship book in New 52. I’d also like to suggest Action Comics because Grant Morrison’s Superman is my favorite and it also contained a great Greg Pak run.

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In my four eyes, Justice League was the quintessential New 52 read, as it had all of the A-list heroes and was home to and/or tied into the biggest event stories of the era.

It also contained a spiffy run by Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel in #s 19-21 which, Grant Morrison and Greg Pak fan I am, is honestly my favorite run of New 52 Action.

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That was a promising start to a run that ended abruptly. To this day, I’m curious about what really happened with that.

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Maybe it was a planned three issue run? :man_shrugging:t2:

That’s what I always thought, at least.

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Nah, dude. Diggle quit Action Comics before his first issue hit the stands for “professional reasons.” There was some sort of disagreement about what he could do in his run. I’ve always been curious about the specifics.

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As Dana Carvey’s rendition of Johnny Carson said on SNL, “I did not know that.”

checks off “Learn something new today.” on his mental to-do list

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